Movie News

Christopher Nolan to Direct a Short Documentary- Movie News

Disney to Remake The Sword in the Stone to Live Action- Movie News

Benicio Del Toro As The Villain for Star Wars Episode VII?- Movie News

Live Action Aladdin Prequel Coming From Disney Starring Genies- Movie News

2019 Green Lantern Reboot To Be Called Green Lantern Corps-Movie News

Warcraft Comic Con Posters- Movie News

Killing Joke Animated Film Coming From DC- Movie News 

Colin Trevorrow to Direct Star Wars Episode IX?- Movie News

Ben Affleck To Direct/Co-Write with DC’s Geoff Johns on Upcoming Batman Sand Alone- Movie News

Darth Vader to Appear in Star Wars Anthology: Rouge One?- Movie News

Marisa Tomei for Aunt May?- Movie News

A Young Han Solo Movie….With Chris Miller and Phil Lord Directing!- Movie News

Get Ready For War-Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II Posters-Movie News

Ben Affleck Weighs In On Marvel And Talks Batman- Movie News

Sicario Posters Hit The Web- Movie News 

Top Gun 2- Movie News

Joker Revealed- Movie News

First Look at Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor-Movie News

Deadpool Announcement!

Holy Ben Affleck Batman!

Thoughts on Batman/Superman Movie Coming out in 2015

Thoughts on Terminator 5 News


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