Why Ant-Man Isn’t (and Wasn’t Going to Be) the Next Guardians of the Galaxy-Editorial

Director Alan Taylor Sums Up Everything That’s Wrong Terminator Genisys- Editorial

The Final Paranormal Activity-Editorial 

Special Edition Hate and Digital Movie Collection-Editorial 

Spider-Man in the MCU and Double Standards- Editorial

Has Pixar Lost Their Touch?- Editorial

Is There a Benefit to Marvel Not Having All Their Film Rights?- Editorial

The Overuse of the Word Reboot- Editorial

Whats the Difference Between the Movies and Pornography?- Editorial

What Makes Spock So Enduring?

Oscar Host Trouble????

The 87th Annual Academy Awards

Ghostbusters 3? Not Sure If I Want to Make that Call

9 Years of Sin: The Failure of “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

“Haters Are Going to Hate” Michael Bay Response Article

The 86th Annual Academy Awards Oscar Picks

Bloodshed and Tears: An Ethical Look into Violence at the Movies

“Gattaca” (1997): A Question of Ethics

Gene Wilder Comments on 2005 Version of Willy Wonka: Is His Comments Fair?


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