Every Day (2018) Movie Review

Every Day Poster

A quick funny story before diving into this review, when I went to see this movie with a group of friends I was under the impression I was seeing a different movie. I am always well informed about the movies coming out, and new trailers being released, but we all have our dumb moments and seeing this movie was one of them for me. I got the movie Midnight Sun mixed up with this movie, Every Day. Midnight Sun is another young adult romance movie about a girl who can’t go outside in the sunlight but falls in love with a guy and for some reason I thought for sure it was called Every Day. So you can imagine my shock and surprise to see the trailer for Midnight Sun play in front of Every Day. I thought to myself, well I’ve never seen that before, a trailer playing for the movie you’re about to see. Then, the title card came on the screen and my friends looked at me with the looks of shock, anger, and confusion…yep, I messed up.

So what was I watching? Every Day is about a girl named Rhiannon that falls in love with a “spirit” (of some sorts, I’m not sure exactly how to describe it) named A, that wakes up every morning in a different person’s body and lives that one day for that person to the best of his/her ability. By chance, A, wakes up Rhiannon’s boyfriend’s body and falls in love with her as well and the pair has to figure out how to make this relationship work.


Every Day Picture
Every Day [Credit: Orion Pictures]

I don’t believe I am exactly the target audience for this movie (as if you couldn’t tell by my movie mix up) but I enjoy good high school movies from time to time (a very different movie but I love 10 Things I Hate About You). I think the premise of Every Day is actually pretty unique and potentially very interesting. There is potential for commentary on relationships, genders, sexuality and all sorts of other topics. Regardless of commentary (a movie or story doesn’t need it to be good), the premise does add a new spin on the typical young adult teen romance movie we’ve seen 100 times by now. But, if this movie adds a new layer to the teen romance genre why does it feel so generic?

Every Day has a few things going for it, an interesting premise and an excellent casting director who got an abundance of young actors that are able to feel and act like they are the same character despite having an abundance of males and females, actors, playing A. In that sense Every Day is pretty impressive.

Every Day Picture 4
Every Day [Credit: Orion Pictures]
Every Day lacks a stylistic direction. This is the type of movie that shows two characters are in love by having them running around in a montage filled with catchy pop music, quick shots of smiles and holding sparkles (as if they are begging for you to see how in love they are). Director Michael Sucsy doesn’t do much with the material and resorts to lazy clichés as a shorthand for character development. There are even some moral dilemmas that A faces and Sucsy doesn’t spend time with it at all and even undercuts them by having the movie being very inconsistent for how A lives as the new person every day.

The movie is led by Angourie Rice and this is a good example of how a good director can make the difference between a good and bad performance. Rice is very good in Shane Black’s The Nice Guys being able to hold her own against the likes of Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe. Here, she overacts in a performance that is at times too exaggerated and other times too restrained.

Every Day Picture 3
Every Day [Credit: Orion Pictures]
There are a number of problems in Every Day from a really bad dialogue, painfully awkward scenes set up, and lazy direction. Every Day did have an interesting premise but the movie fails to do anything with it. How does a movie with this type of premise feel like any other teen young adult romance movie? As a movie, this lacks a real sense of effort. I’m sure there was effort behind the scenes (film crews work hard to bring a movie to life) but the movie is devoid of any sign of that effort.

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