Weekend Box Office Predictions! Cars 3, Wonder Woman, All Eyez On Me, And More!


Originally published on Creators.co on June 16th, 2017

A new weekend of movies is upon us! With that, we have a bunch of new movies ready to battle it out for the weekend’s box office. The newcomers are,

Cars 3

All Eyez On Me

Rough Night

47 Meters Down

Book Of Henry (limited release)

Cars 3

The biggest newcomer is Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3. Right now the movie is tracking at about 55 million for its three-day start. The third entry in the franchise (5th if you count the DisneyToon produced Planes duology) will take number one at the box office this weekend but I think it’ll premiere with a little under that 55 million number at around 52 million. The word of mouth hasn’t been especially strong and Cars 3 has to follow up the much detested Cars 2. Still, 50 to 55 million is still a decent opening and will finish number one no doubt. Cars should also perform well overseas and have some staying power until Despicable Me 3 comes out (as other animated family-friendly films tend to do).

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman took a 45 percent drop in its second weekend of release (still ensuring its spot at number one at the box office). I think we’ll see another similar drop with this third week of release. Wonder Woman will probably make around 30-35 million this weekend. I predict it’ll make around 32.5 million. It will finish number two with the positive word of mouth keeping this movie going strong.

All Eyez on Me

All Eyez on Me will finish in the number three slot with around 18 -20 million. Right now it’s expected to open at around the 20 million (plus) number but the bad reviews could keep people away from this. All Eyez On Me will have a similar audience as Straight Outta Compton did (which made around 60 million opening weekend) and will get some attention because of the subject matter. But, I don’t see this performing nearly as well as Compton. Compton rode a heavy wave of strong marketing and stellar reviews. All Eyez On Me lacks both of those elements. Still, the Tupac subject matter will garner enough viewers and interest to draw in a solid crowd this weekend.

Rough Night

Rough Night also opens and will probably get somewhere in the mid-teens. The number for the R rated raunchy comedy could range between 14-16 million. Although I wouldn’t discount the potential of this going above that with a lot of star power and a potentially big female audience.

47 Meter’s Down/The Mummy

47 Meter’s Down won’t make the top 5 with it expected 6-million-dollar opening. The movies currently in the top box office will take a dip in their earnings this weekend with so much new competition. The Mummy didn’t earn much in its opening weekend (32 million) because of bad reviews, and less than average Cinemascore (B-). I think it’s going to take a big dip on its second weekend of release with almost a 60 percent drop from last week (that’s on the conservative side of things). It could make as much as 19 million, but will probably go even lower and make 15 million.

The Top 5

With all that said my predictions for the box office this weekend will look like this

1-Cars 3: 52 million

2-Wonder Woman: 34.5 Million

3-All Eyez On Me 19.5 Million

4-Rough Night: 15.5 Million

5-The Mummy: 15 Million

Sources-The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo, Box Office Pro

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