13 Hours: The Secret Soliders of Benghazi (2016) Movie Review

Bay’s Best Film In Years When I defend Michael Bay, people often ask me why defend him?  Last year’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” makes it really difficult to do that.  However when a film such as “13 Hours: The Secret Solders of Benghazi” comes along I can hold that up an example of why he… Read More 13 Hours: The Secret Soliders of Benghazi (2016) Movie Review

The Revenant (2015) Movie Review

An Unforgettable Experience “The Revenant” is one of those films you just knew getting closer to its release that you had something special on your hands.  Helmed by defending Academy Award Winner Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu the movie looks to break every rule in the book (like Iñárritu did “Birdman”).  “The Revenant” is a modern day fable… Read More The Revenant (2015) Movie Review

The Hateful Eight (2015) Movie Review

Pure Tarantino Violent, humorous, over the top, mysterious, gripping, well acted, beautifully shot, long, excessive, and thrilling are just some of the adjectives you can use to describe “The Hateful Eight”.  The easiest way to describe it though is pure Quentin Tarantino.  Like all of Tarantino’s films, the stylish extravaganza is brimming with confidence and… Read More The Hateful Eight (2015) Movie Review