Ice Age 5 Gets a Title and Release Date- Movie News


These animals aren’t extinct just yet.  Our coldest heroes, Manny, Sid, Diego, and Ellie are at it again with a new title and release date.  The title for our fifth “Ice Age” adventure is “Ice Age: Collision Course” (which doesn’t really tell us much of anything).  Then with Sony’s “Ghostbusters” reboot moving up a week to July 15th, 2016, Fox decided to avoided a “Collision Course” (anyone? anyone?) and pushed it back a week to July 22nd,2016.  It now has to contend with Guy Riche’s “Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur” (a film I’ve very excited for).

I sense a lack of excitement for this project out there in the internet with many shrugging their shoulders asking simply, why do we need to be treated to a fifth installment?  Well to be honest it’s simple…Fox is still making lots of money off the brand.  While each installment has become less and less loved by critics and audiences, all of the films have been extreme profitable.  The previous film “Ice Age: Continental Drift” made over 887 million dollars at the worldwide box office.  Add to that “Ice Age” films are cheaper to produce then it’s Pixar and DreamWorks counterparts (with each film’s budget coming under 100 million dollars).

Regardless there seems to be an audience out there for it.  With its four year gap from its previous installment I can only hope this means time to make quality.  Can’t say I’m excited for it personally either.  I haven’t liked an “Ice Age” film since the second one, “Ice Age: The Meltdown” (which upon this next film’s release will be a decade old) and haven’t loved one since the original back in 2002.  But, I have my hopes that Blue Sky Studios and Fox will deliver something at the very least entertaining.


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