Fantastic Four Bombs, Fox Still Committed to the Franchise- Movie News

In the world of movie news it’s hard to escape the talk about Fox’s rebooted “Fantastic Four“.  There is a huge article on Entertainment Weekly trying to make sense of all of the rumors about the behind the scenes drama; Josh Trank publically denounced this movie over twitter, new footage reveal potentially a whole dropped subplot involving the Fantastic Four’s flying car and in the crossfire many more things are coming out about the production.

Needless to say this whole situation is a mess.  Josh Trank blames Fox Studios while Fox blames Trank and the chaos ensues.  Mr. Sunday Movies did a great job of condensing all what happened in one 7 minute video (which I linked and shared above).  In all of this mayhem comes the disappointing box office report.   In it’s opening weekend the super hero ensemble film only managed to pull in 26.2 million dollars.  Originally it was reported the movie was tracking for a 40-50 million opening weekend (Fox saying they’d be happy with anything that had a 4 on it).   Slowly as the movie approached the tracking declined with some sites had it coming in somewhere between 30-40 million.  The 26.2 million is a big office disappointment coming in second to “Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation” (which is in its second week of release).

Despite all of this, Fox Studios has said, While we’re disappointed, we remain committed to these characters and we have a lot to look forward to in our Marvel universe.”

It’s hard to imagine that any studio wants to take another crack at this property (much less the studio just produced the failure).  Some reports are claiming this movie could force Fox to take as much as a 60 million dollar hit.  That sounds optimistic considering the 120 million dollar price tag and bad word of mouth.  Right now “Fantastic Four 2” is currently in development and set to be released June 9th, 2017.  There is an unconfirmed report claiming that Fox Studios is looking to replace that film with “Deadpool 2“.  The first “Deadpool” is set to come out this February and riding on a lot of positive buzz and word of mouth (everything “Fantastic Four” doesn’t have).

There is also reports that Fox is looking to Bryan Singer to helm “Fantastic Four 2” (which is also unconfirmed).  I don’t have much interest in another “Fantastic Four” film but Singer’s name does peak my interest .  However I’m not sure how much there is to salvage after this.  Whether Marvel got the rights back or not the brand feels more damaged then it already was.  If Fox takes another swing at it, it’s got to be a home run.


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