Pez Movie Coming!- Movie News


That’s right boys and girls, men and women, people of all ages the movie you have been waiting for, every since you first walked into a craft store as a kid with your mom and finding this candy that comes out of the necks of cartoon dispenser characters (almost like the alien in “Alien”).  Yes, we now have Pez “the movie” coming our way.  If the “Emoji movie” didn’t excite you then this is sure to do the trick!

I of course say this all with a strong dose sarcasm (not sure if I need to clarify that but just in case a studio exec is reading I want to make it very clear about my actual level of enthusiasm).   “Pez the Movie” is being brought to you by Envision Media Arts . And in a statement from the studio claims the movie will center on “a world unique to Pez” (of course it’s going to be unique to Pez, considering they don’t have a world; it’s not the same as saying “a world unique to Batman”. This goes without saying Mr. Studio Exec).

I digress though, let’s stay on track here.  The studio would go on to say that this will be “a story that will touch the hearts of many”.  Considering the amount of sugar that’s in a thing of Pez candy I’m surprised it hasn’t already touched your heart in one way or another.

Woops, I got off track again.  Okay I think it’s clear what I think of this movie.  I think this is a rather desperate move to cash in on “The Lego Movie” success.  Except the difference is “Lego” has worlds it can play in.  “Pez” does not, this all feels ill-fated.

This is coming from writer Cameron Fray (whom is also working up “The Three Stooges” sequel) and has yet to have a release date.

I personally don’t see how this could be a good movie.  The only way I’m interested is if you go completely bizarre with this.  Make “Pez the Movie” a weird stop motion animated psychedelic extensional horror movie and I’m in.  Anything else?  I’m out!


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