Dungeons and Dragons Reboot Coming- Movie News


You may not remember 2000’s horrid “Dungeons and Dragons” adaptation (that spawned a forgettable sequel and a TV movie that no one has heard of) and that’s probably because next to no one saw it.  It was a box office bomb but thankfully for New Line Cinema they followed up the next year with the start of the highly successful “Lord of the Rings”.  Those that did see “Dungeons and Dragons” will never forget it.  No it’s not some underground masterpiece (if that’s what you’re wondering).   The reason why no one will forget it is just because of how bad it is.   Not only is this movie worse than “Batman and Robin”, this was a movie that made Jeremy Irons give a bad performance (when does that ever happen?).

I didn’t grow up with the original board game from which the film was based off of.  Role Playing Board game were never my thing (and that’s probably because I didn’t know what they were till I was in my Teenage years).  However from learning more about it the board game spots potential for a rich Fantasy movie in the vein of a “Lord of the Rings”.

Now Warner Bros and Hasbro are going to take another shot at it as they announce a reboot of the series; starting completely over from scratch.  Four years ago Warner Bros commissioned a script from David Johnson (“Wraith of the Titans”) without the permission of Hasbro or the rights which started a legal battle.

Now apparently the legal troubles are resolved and the two companies are more than happy to join forces together to produce the movie.  Hasbro is also reportedly impressed with Johnson’s script.  Granted Hasbro also seemed to think “Battleship” and “Ouija” were going to be good movies (boy did they miss the mark on those).  However I have heard from some sources claiming that Johnson’s original script for “Wraith of the Titans” was far better then what ended up on screen.  So, this is all yet to be seen.

I really love the Fantasy genre so naturally (even though I don’t have a great affiliation with the “Dungeons and Dragons ” property) I was very excited to hear this was a project moving forward.  After “The Hobbit” ended I’ve been patiently waiting for a new Fantasy series to fill the void it left.  “Warcraft” could potentially be that contender.  Now “Dungeons and Dragons”  has the potential as well.  Hopefully both of them turn out to be big success.  As long as they don’t turn out like “Seventh Son” or “Season of Witch” I will be happy.


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