Three New Batman V Superman Photos Released- Movie News

Photo- Warner Bros
Photo- Warner Bros
Photo- Warner Bros

Empire has now released three new pictures from my most anticipated film (of maybe my entire life?) of 2016 “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”.  One photo is Ben Affleck’s Batman standing next to bat signal and the caption reads “A Legacy From the Commissioner Gordon Era”.  Does that mean Gordon will not appear in the upcoming films?  Or, is he just retired like in Frank Millar’s “The Dark Knight Returns” (well actually more like forced to retire).  The photo of Superman look’s intense.   I can only assume this is during the fight between Batman and Superman since the building he is in resembles the one from the trailer.  The Jessie Eisenberg one?  Well you could tell me that was from “Silicon Valley” and I’d believe it.  That picture does little for me personally.  The rest though look awesome (which of course are the three photos you see here).


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