Mark Hamil to Reprise His Role As the Joker for The Killing Joke- Movie News

Photo- Warner Bros
Photo- Warner Bros

Putting aside the legendary performance of Heath Ledger for a second, there is one actor that has defined the role of the Joker arguably better than anyone else.  That actor is Mark Hamill.  There have been other great voice actors to step into the role of the Joker (like John DiMaggio, Michael Emerson, and Troy Baker) but none have been able to accomplish another like Hamill has.

During Comic Con Bruce Timm announced an animated adaptation of the famed Joker story “The Killing Joke” written Alan Moore and drawn by Brain Bolland.  Many have wondered (including myself) if Hamill would return.   Now Collider is reporting that Hamill will indeed step back into that iconic role.  It is also being reported that he has already finished all the voice work for the upcoming film (that didn’t take long now did it?).

If you’ve never actually seen or heard his interpretation as the Joker (which first I have to ask how?) here is a list of films and TV shows you can hear his marvelous work,

“Batman: The Animated Series” (1993)

“Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” (1993)- This film actually saw a theatrical run in theaters

“The New Batman Adventures” (1996)

“Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker” (2000)

“Batman: Arkham Asylum” (2009)

“Batman: Arkham City” (2011)


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