The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II (2015) Trailer Review


Lionsgate has just released their latest trailer for their upcoming finale to “The Hunger Games” franchise, “Mockingjay Part II”.  The trailer is so epic  that it gets it own name and everything.  “We March Together” is the second trailer to the concluding chapter.  I really liked the first trailer but this one is the one to really get you excited for the conclusion.  Packed with beautiful and haunting imagery, drama,  action (weird mutant creatures?)  and emotion; this trailer gives me plenty of hope that they will validate their decision for splitting the final book into two parts.

Yes, I liked the previous “Hunger Games” film but it was my least favorite of the franchise.  I do think part of that has to do with the feeling of it being dragged out (of course that’s coming from a fan of “The Hobbit” trilogy).  Yet from the looks of this trailer there will be plenty of story to cover so maybe this movie will actually improve my feelings towards the previous part a little bit.  Obviously it won’t make me love it, it’s still a flawed film but it could make me appreciate it more.

Now I’ve never read the books so I have no idea what’s going to go down in this final chapter (don’t you spoil it in the comment section either please and thank you).  I thought this would be simple “war movie” where the rebellion led by Katniss would simply storm the gates of the capital and fight until they won with a few significant deaths in between.  While this is obviously predicated on that “Mockingjay Part II” looks to be more than just a series of two CGI armies clashing together.  There is some clever twists with there being “death traps” that our heroes have to navigate to make it to the capital and kill President Snow.  If anything it reminds of a video game but in the best possible way;  it’s clever and unique to the series.  Finnick in the trailer even says, “ladies and gentlemen welcome to 76th Hunger Games”.  It’s a nice spiritual successor to where we begin back in 2012 with the original “Hunger Games”, the story has come full circle.

That’s all the trailer I require for this film.  There are hints towards some big deaths and twists and turns throughout this film.  I don’t need to see anymore, there is no spoilers in the trailer and now I’m sold.  Show me some TV spots and I’ll be set.  I’m more than ready for the final “Hunger Games”


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