The Good Dinosaur (2015) Trailer Review


For a while it seemed all people wanted to talk about with Pixar concerning the 2015 year was “Inside Out”.  Rightfully so, “Inside Out” is thus far my favorite film of the year.  It is a movie that is nearly perfect on so many different levels.  Yet, whenever I mention there is a second Pixar film coming out this year, most people are unaware of it.  I imagine it was a deliberate and smart move on Disney’s part to put the sole focus on “Inside Out” for its marketing purposes.   That overlooked next Pixar film is “The Good Dinosaur”.  We already had its teaser which didn’t show much in terms of story or character.  It was more of an announcement trailer than anything else.  Not much to dive into and discuss other than I liked it and I’m excited to see more.   This trailer has far more depth to it then maybe some might see on the surface.

I’m not sure if I fully understand the premise that taking place yet in this film.   The trailer alludes to the general concept though.  The meteor that killed the Dinosaurs actually missed the earth and the Dinosaurs were able to live on.  When an Adaptasaurus meets a young human child as the two form an unlikely bond.  Some of you might be asking how do human beings evolve or exist around the time of the Dinosaurs  since it nearly scientifically impossible?  Well I ask how do balloons carry a house?  I have a feeling that the plot of this film requires that suspension of disbelief and to just go with it.   To do that you have to have a good story which Pixar nearly always has.

From the looks of this trailer it looks like this movie is going to be a bit of an experiment for Pixar.  While I do believe there will be some dialogue (as it does have a voice cast) but I get the sense that maybe this (like “Wall E”) will have large portions where there is little to no dialogue and rely more of visual storytelling.  In the entire trailer there is only one line of dialogue. That’s not though what makes this an experiment for Pixar.  From the looks of the trailer this film will have less of a comedy edge to it and just be a more emotional journey  two friends coming together and growing over the course the film.  I could be complete wrong about that seeing as “Brave” also had more serious looking trailers then Pixar normally puts out.  I expect some comedic elements but I have a feeling Pixar is not going for the gut busting laughter of “Inside Out” or “Finding Nemo”.

Again I could be completely wrong on that I fully admit.  Although what I am certain of is how great the animation looks.  At this point I shouldn’t be surprised because there has never been a bad looking Pixar film.  Even their worst movie in “Cars 2” is beautiful and multilayered.  “The Good Dinosaur” is no exception.  The landscape is gorgeous while the Dinosaurs have a nice mix of a cartoony old fashion feel to them blended with the power of today’s technology.   There is a nice marriage of different animation styles (or at least homage to other animation styles) present throughout this trailer.

Needless to say as the massive Pixar fan I am, I cannot wait to see this film.  I know this was supposed to come out last year but that doesn’t worry me.  Pixar has had production problems on previous films (like “Ratatouille” with replacement of directors) but they turn out golden anyways.  I expect no less from “The Good Dinosaur” but after “Inside Out” the expectations are certainly raised for the animation studio once again.


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