Spectre (2015) Theatrical Trailer Review


Amidst all the “Star Wars”, and comic book news I keep forgetting that the 24th James Bond movie will be coming out this November.  That certainly doesn’t damper my excitement for the project all it does is make for another big blockbuster film to get excited for, especially following Sam Mendes last Bond film, “Skyfall”.   The latest Bond adventure, “Spectre”, looks to be a great successor.

I wouldn’t say this trailer blew me away like other recent trailers have.   That being said that’s not a knock on this trailer at all because it is a very well done and well put together trailer (and some other recent trailers have been nothing short of outstanding).  This full theatrical trailer builds upon the last one with more mystery and questions raised about the plot of this movie.  Nothing big is ever given away here (which I appreciate) and this only further confirms the possible return of Quantum from the previous Bond films as it’s connection to Bond’s ultimate nemesis Spectre.

Sam Mendes’s direction and cinematography looks beautiful as always.  Mendes also seems to incorporate more of previous Bond trademarks into this latest film.  Each Daniel Craig James Bond film has been steadily building towards the ones of Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  Little hallmarks of the series keep popping in little by little and it looks that Q will have a bigger role in the film; along with Ralph Fiennes as the new M and Moneypenny.

The action looks great as always (with, I’m sure, a few standout sequences that we can expect from this latest entry).  I will say I like the more attention given to Bond’s character.  The allowing for some room of growth with the character and exploring different sides that we haven’t seen before from 007.  It doesn’t seem overboard and isn’t doing damage to Bond’s mystique which is a hard balance to find.  I will say my only complaint with this trailer is it ends rather abruptly.  We have the action montage and then as it appears to be hitting its climax then……boom it just ends.  Good trailer either way but it was a strange editing choice to say the least.

On a closing note the new Bond Girls (or Bond Women however you prefer to say it) look stunning as well and will have a big pull on the plot (as they normally do).   “Spectre” will hit theaters November 24th and I know I’ll be there opening night.


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