Disney to Remake The Sword in the Stone to Live Action- Movie News


There is no rest for Disney live action remakes.  Only a few days ago we got the news that there would be a live action prequel to “Aladdin” in a film called “Genies” that would revolve around (well you guessed it) the Genie from “Aladdin”.  Now we can add one more film to that growing list from Disney, “The Sword in the Stone”.

“The Sword in the Stone” is to be written by “Game of Thrones” writer/producer Bryan Cogma.  What seems like a natural fit (both have medieval fantasy elements to them) this seems like a story that is ripe for a live action remake.  Actually I can’t imagine why it hasn’t since it is a King Arthur story.  King Arthur stories are glowing with big screen potential.  For those of you that don’t know “The Sword in the Stone” follows Arthur at a young age being taught by a wizard named Merlin.

The 1963 animated film isn’t one of Disney’s top tier films.  It’s enjoyable and has it’s fun moments but lacks the grand storytelling and memorable moments that other Disney classics have.  The story is quieter than most Disney films so I imagine this will take some major deviations from the source material to make up for that.  Either way I am always up for a King Arthur story in any sort of form. That being said as long as Jeff Bridges doesn’t play the Wizard Merlin I will be all set.  After “The Seventh Son”  I just can’t take him in that type of role again.   No release date has been announced yet.


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