Benicio Del Toro As The Villain for Star Wars Episode VII?- Movie News


Another day, and another “Star Wars” rumor.  The Wrap is reporting that Academy Award winning actor Benicio Del Toro is being eyed for a villain role for “Star Wars: Episode VII”.  Del Toro is no stranger to space operas with his supporting role “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  It is unclear as of this moment how true these reports may actually be.  However let’s actually entertain the idea of Del Toro in the upcoming “Star Wars” film.

There is no question that Del Toro is a great actor.  He has an Oscar to his name and has delivered great performances in “Traffic” , “Sin City” and many others and also looks great in Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming crime thriller “Sircario”.  It is not a question of talent but more of a question of fit and at this point I’m not sure if he would be the best fit for the saga.  He is a larger name and I wonder if he would stand out too much?  That being said it is never a mistake to add talent.

What worries me (which could unfounded) is if he is being looked at as a villain for the 2nd part of this trilogy does that mean Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren is killed off in the first film? From the looks of the trailers he could be a menacing villain and I hate to see the mistake of Darth Maul’s early death from the prequel trilogy be repeated here (which thank god “Star Wars: The Clones Wars” fixed that).  Then again we could be overestimating his potential role as “the villain”.

He could simply be eyed as a First Order Officer or Commander and is more of a Grand Moff Tarkin then a Sith Lord.  For now we simply have to wait and see if the report is actually true.  Anyone remember the rumor about Tom Cruise in Episode VI?  I’ll have to actually see it to believe it.


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