The Reverent (2015) Teaser Trailer Review

Photo- 20th Century Fox
Photo- 20th Century Fox

A few days ago the first trailer for the upcoming “Birdman” director’s, Alejandro González Iñárritu, next film “The Reverent” hit the web in grand and spectacular fashion.   Already one of my most anticipated films of the year, this has all the hallmarks of a potential Oscar winner.

The story follows a group of Frontiersmen in the year 1820.  One from the group, Hugh Glass, is attacked viciously by a Bear and abounded by his group thought to be dead.    Now he sets out on a rain of revenge against them.

The trailer likes to play things mysteriously alluding more to the spirit of the film than the movie’s actual content.  The trailer makes it almost look like the frontier is a character itself with a haunting but inviting look.  It’s the siren’s song with the beautiful looking cinematography (impressively only using natural lighting which not many, if any, mainstream films attempt to use) making the land of the frontier look beautiful.   But Iñárritu is able to make it look sinister underneath that beauty.  This land looks violent and not for the weak.  I know I spent a whole paragraph talking about the setting but you can tell from the trailer that the location is pivotal to the film.

Anytime Leonardo DiCaprio is in a movie we sit back and wonder will this be the film where he gets his long awaited Oscar?  Each time we sit there and say this could be the year!  Predictably , I am sitting here and saying the same thing, from the looks of this trailer this could be the year!  He looks amazing in this movie with a darker performance then maybe we’ve ever seen from him.  We don’t see too much of co-star Tom Hardy but after “Birdman” last year we know Iñárritu has a gift with working with ensemble casts and the supporting cast here (including Hardy) should be impeccable here too.  Besides, Tom Hardy is one of the best working actors in the business today and will turn in an incredible performance I have no doubt.

We’re just coming off San Diego Comic Con where we saw Batman and Superman square off and Deadpool crack some one liners in a couple huge new trailers.  The fact that this trailer is being talked about so much and making some waves amidst the fall out of Comic Con is a testament to just how damn good this movie looks.  We already know there is some Oscar Buzz for this film and I have all the confidence in the world for this film.  With Iñárritu at the helm I have a feeling this won’t be a simple story of revenge.  From the looks of the trailer there  will be some moral ambiguity and that excites me as a fan of storytelling.


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