Sleepy Hollow and Bones Crossover Coming-TV News


Just when I was starting to get hopeful for this next season of “Sleepy Hollow”, hoping Fox would steer the show in the right direction (after letting the current showrunner go and bringing on someone new), I wake up and read news like the kind Entertainment Weekly is reporting.  There will be a “Bones” and “Sleepy Hollow” crossover for this third season of the supernatural series.  I have no understanding what possessed Fox to think this would be a good idea.  We know that ratings have been slipping during the second season of this series. This has to be a desperate move by the network to bring ratings back up.

Why do these two shows had to cross over?  I’m not going to tip toe around this, this sounds like a stupid idea.  Other than  bring a type of ‘crime procedural’ these shows have nothing in common.  “Sleepy Hollow” deals in the world of historical fiction and the supernatural while “Bones” is a lighthearted police procedural.  Thematically the shows couldn’t be further apart plus this could open the doors to some other ill-conceived crossovers.  Imagine what’s next,  “Sleepy Hollow” and “24” in the same universe as well?  Jack Bauer and Ichabod Crane saving the United States from demon terrorist controlled by Moloch (actually I might be on to something here).

I am becoming worried about the future of this series with a great first season, an okay second, and something like this could just be the final nail in the coffin.


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