Sinister 2 (2015) Red Band Trailer Review


I was somewhat interested in the possibilities of a sequel to the near horror masterpiece “Sinister” but slowly that interest is fading away.  The first trailer did little for me and really highlighted some serious concerns I have with the upcoming film.  This newest redband trailer is only a slightly better trailer that doesn’t reaffirm much new hope at all.

The majority of it is the trailer flashing random symbols and the deity’s Bughuul face over and over again.  Nothing about the actual footage got me to jump or get unsettled.  I worry that the deaths might border on gross rather than horrific.  There is a fine line between them.  The first “Sinister” found a balancing act to make the death feel unsettling and disturbing.  That gave the film a feeling dread that isn’t present in many other horror films.  There comes a point though when things become less disturbing and just become gross.  The Saw franchise became increasingly guilty of that, along with its ‘sister’ franchise “Hostel”.   I’d hate to see “Sinster” fall victim to that common horror mistake.

Once again there is too much reliance on ‘creepy children’ .  Once the kids started talking in the trailer, I was immediately taken out of it.  The kid actors are simply not scary enough or……well…creepy either, nor do they seem to be good actors.  I hope the movie doesn’t rely on them too much for its story and keeps them as background characters.  That’s when they are best served, not at the forefront but present when need be.

I hate to be incredibly negative towards this movie because it could simply be two bad trailers that’s not indicative of the actual film’s at all.  Yet the trailers for the original were amazing (some of the best put together for the horror genre) so I will keep my expectations low and we might get treated to a surprise.


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