Warcraft Comic Con Posters- Movie News

warcraft-comic-con-poster-1 warcraft-comic-con-poster-2

Let’s face it there has never been a good video game movie.  We know that narrative by now, it’s been done said to death.  Yet, it’s sadly true.  The best thing you could say is “Mortal Kombat” is a guilty pleasure (not the true adaptation that series deserves though).  Still,  there are a bunch of upcoming projects that feel very promising.  Among those titles is “Warcraft”,  based off the “Warcraft” and the massively popular online MMO “World of Warcraft” game series.  I myself have never played it because I didn’t feel like losing my life to what was sure to be a great but time demanding game.   It’s not the story that seems most appealing from this project (although it does sound solid) but it’s the world of the film.  The mythology has the potential to fill the hole that the finale of the Middle Earth saga (“The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies”) left us.

During Comic Con there was a trailer (that I didn’t see and wasn’t released online).  From listening to the panel at Comic Con I am fairly confident that the filmmakers and cast believe they made something of merit.  What the public did get was these two brand new posters for the film.  The poster look….well like posters.  I do like how they highlight the two sides of the conflict (Man versus Orc) in the film.  The posters look very digital heavy which is what I expected.  I do have high hopes for this film and hope this will be that ground breaking video game movie we’ve been waiting for.


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