Suicide Squad (2016) Comic Con Trailer Review

Photo- Warner Bros
Photo- Warner Bros

I was hoping Warner Bros would eventually release the trailer for “Suicide Squad” online after its premiere at San Diego Comic Con.  I thought it wouldn’t be released after a few days of waiting, but it was leaked and then Warner Bros released the trailer online (because no studio has figured out that people will bring in their cell phones to record it at those Hall H panels).  Thankfully they did because this is a great first trailer for DC’s third cinematic universe film.

Despite it’s length this still feels like a teaser.  We get a lot of hints towards certain things but nearly all the images are out of context.  This trailer doesn’t give us much in terms of story with this teaser mostly giving us the quick background of what this team of criminals (named the Suicide Squad) is and who they are.

We get a wide variety of different characters.  A lot of these characters look great on screen.  Even Killer Croc, which I know many had apprehensions about going into this after seeing the picture of the Squad released online several months ago. Will Smith as Deadshot looks fantastic, and even Jai Country looks like he’ll be a welcomed addition to the squad.  There are hints towards some the character’s back stories and even a quick shot of Batman riding onto of Joker’s car (but more on him in a second).

I love the tone of the trailer and what the film looks to be.  David Ayer looks like he shot a well photographed and gritty film.  Ayer for me has impressed more and more as his career has gone on.  He looks like he has a good grip on the characters and the tone.

Photo-Warner Bros
Photo-Warner Bros

There are two things though in this trailer that will be talked about to no end.  The first being Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  The character itself is one of the most beloved characters in all of comic books with a fiercely passionate fanbase.  Robbie though….looks stunning, a potential show stealer for sure.  She looks like she’ll be dark, crazy, but also have the witty tongue about her.  It’s hard to believe it took this long for this amazing character to make it too the big screen, but they could not have gotten a better actress to do it.

The final cherry on top for me (and the second thing that will be talked most about this trailer) is Jared Leto’s appearance as the Joker.  Some were mixed when his picture was released  (I was certainly all for it from the very beginning) but this I believe will settle the doubters.  This is just about 5-8 seconds of footage shown of Leto , so it is still too early to tell how great he will actually end up being.   I can say for sure from my perspective that I loved it!  Leto looks unique and a maniacal  force of evil.  Leto is an actor that really loses himself in a role which can lead to incredible results (just look at his Academy Award wing performance in “Dallas Buyers Club”).  The final lines he speaks, ” I’m not going to kill you….I’m just going to hurt you….really, really….bad” are delivered so perfectly.  While some are comparing him to Heath Ledger (which I think is a bit unfair at this point considering just how grand of performance Ledger gave us) Leto looks like he will own the role and give us yet another great on screen joker.

Photo-Warner Bros
Photo-Warner Bros

Another winning trailer for DC this Comic Con which isn’t quite as good as “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” but is a great trailer none the less.  I hope it’ll be a while before we get another one (seeing as this is going to be released a little over a year from now) I’d prefer the movie to have a few surprises for me.  As unorganized as DC seemed to be towards the starting day of their cinematic universe (just after the release of “Man of Steel”)  “Suicide Squad” looks perfectly at home in with “Man of Steel” and “Batman V Superman”.  The universe feel cohesive and well planned thus far and as a fan that makes me very happy.


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