Killing Joke Animated Film Coming From DC- Movie News

Photo-Warner Bros
Photo-DC Comics

Amongst all of the live action comic book news, some might have missed the news that at Comic Con producer Bruce Timm announced an animated adaptation of the famed Alan Moore graphic novel “The Killing Joke”.  If there is one thing that DC has always been better at than Marvel it is in the field of animation.  Their recent line of direct to Blu-Ray animation have had some decent films but there has been a few films of theirs that actually are actually theater worthy; particularly their Batman films.  “Batman: Under the Red Hood” and “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” are not just good but they are great Batman films (actually among the best ever produced).

“The Killing Joke” is among the most famous Joker story ever produced.  Many fans have been calling for an adaptation for a long time.  Given the length of the comic book this is actually a story that would fit nicely into the 80 minute runtime (that sometimes confides their larger stories).  The announcement from Timm also stated there would be a new 15 minute prologue to help introduce the story to people whom have never read it.

The DCU animated films have nearly all been rated PG-13, some of them did push the boundaries of that rating ( “The Dark Knight Returns” was one of them).  “The Killing Joke” has some pretty dark material in the comic book which might even be very difficult to fit into the PG-13 rating without pulling back on the content.

Regardless this is very exciting news for comic book fans and potentially just fans of good movies.  The only question is will Mark Hamill come back to voice the Joker?   We know that he claimed he was done after the masterpiece video game “Batman Arkham City”.  Yet I do recall him expressing interest in reprising the character for “The Killing Joke” on an episode of Kevin Smith’s podcast “Fat Man on Batman” (and on Twitter too if I’m not mistaken).  If not, Troy Baker could fill in that role nicely for him (as he did for “Batman Arkham Origins” and “Batman: Assault on Arkham).


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