2019 Green Lantern Reboot To Be Called Green Lantern Corps-Movie News

Photo-DC Comics
Photo-DC Comics

We knew for a while that there would be a “Green Lantern” reboot coming.  Let’s face it we needed one.  The Ryan Reynolds 2011 feature film is among some of the worst superhero films ever made.  The Green Lantern is among my favorite superheroes so needless to say it was a tough sit through.  I don’t blame Reynolds, he was a solid Hal Jordan (not great) but he was not among my main problems with that film.  At this past San Diego Comic Con it was officially announced that the 2019 reboot will be called “The Green Lantern Corps”.

We already have rumors of two possible Green Lantern characters (in Hal Jordan and John Stewart) appearing in the upcoming film.  Now with this title, it all but confirms multiple Lantern characters.  The one aspect of the 2011 “Green Lantern” that was good was everything that takes place on the planet Oa and everything concerning the Green Lantern Corps.  That’s the most fascinating part…we don’t need planet Earth.  I hope this film stays as far away from Earth as possible.   It’s like “Thor” at Marvel.  When Thor and everyone is on Asagard the movie excels because the setting is interesting and unique; it helps make the characters around them feel more at home and dynamic.  It’s a similar thing with Green Lantern.  Yes he can work on Earth and that’s fine but the character(s) excel on an intergalactic level.  Unless this is a “Blackest Night” story (which is a bit too early in this universe for) keep the Lanterns in space.

This news excites me as an Lantern fan.  I hope this is infinitely better than the previous film (but that won’t be very difficult either).


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