Star Wars Behind the Scenes Comic Con Sizzle Reel


Friday  was the Lucasfilm panel at San Diego Comic Con.  We knew going in we weren’t going to be treated to a new trailer (Disney and Lucasfilm made sure to get out ahead of that, announcing that several days earlier to Comic Con).  However we did get treated to a behind the scenes look at the making of the upcoming film (along with a few new photos released).  Initially I was a little disappointed that we weren’t getting a trailer.  Yet how can you get a better trailer than the one shown at Star Wars Celebration back in April?  Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise I’d hate to have this newest film spoiled.  Eventually we’ll get a trailer but this behind the scenes look….is almost as good.

We get little glimpse to some new stuff behind the scenes.  The first look at “The New Order” tie fighter plus it gives us another feel for the tone that Lucasfilm and Abrams are going after.  Highlighted here are some of the beautiful sets, models, and locations that are used for the upcoming film.  All of them blended together with cutting edge computer effects.  Disney has been trying to drive home the point for a while that this film will be going back to the roots of the original trilogy and this behind the scenes only further comments that.  This movie is only looking better and better with every piece of new material getting released.  This feels like it could be something special.


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