Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Comic Con Trailer Review


The trailer came out a little bit before three o’clock yesterday (for all of us east coast residents).   I kept my eye on my twitter feed waiting to see “The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer appear on online.  Praying that it wouldn’t be a comic con exclusive (like the “Suicide Squad” trailer was).   Once it finally came online I couldn’t write anything about it because this review would be so incoherent with nothing but fanboy orgasms spewing all over this all typed paper (maybe it still will).

Needless to say I loved this trailer.  The first teaser that was released was a well put together teaser which gave us some great moments.  This trailer though blew everything else that wasn’t a “Star Wars” trailer out of the water.  Clocking in at over three minutes, the best aspect about this trailer is it gives us so much new info and first looks but I don’t feel like I’ve seen the whole movie.  We get our first look at Wonder Women in action, we finally get to see Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor (that isn’t just a picture) and story beats that really sound intriguing.

Photo-Warner Bros
Photo-Warner Bros

We finally get a clear reason on why Batman will be going after Superman.  Early in the trailer (during the climatic fight in “Man of Steel”), Superman and General Zod take out one of the Wayne Tower buildings killing everyone inside and Bruce Wayne can only watch helplessly as the building collapses to its demise.  The world is still struggling to grasp about how to feel about Superman.  The trailer does a good job illustrating both sides of the “argument”.  We see it from Batman’s perspective on why Superman needs to be stopped and from Superman’s perspective why he could be a signing beacon of hope for humanity.  We see them both conflicted towards one another which leads to this big fight between them (actually it looks like multiple fights).

It’s been said before numinous times but “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novel influence is so strong in this trailer.  From the imagery of Batman, to the politically charged nature of the content, and similar story beats, this reaps of” Dark Knight Returns”.  There is even a very clear hint towards other storylines in the Batman mythos.  As many have pointed out the Robin suit with the spray painted phrase “jokes on you batman” which is a big hint towards “The Death in the Family” and “Under the Red Hood” (which is another great animated film you should check out from Batman).  Does that mean that Dick Grayson is lurking somewhere out there as Nightwing if Jason Todd (which is of course the second Robin) was killed by the Joker?  I didn’t think I would like the idea of skipping ahead so far into Batman’s career and not do a semi-new origin but I take that all back now.

Photo-Warner Bros
Photo-Warner Bros

The trailer though also highlights some individuals performances.  Ben Affleck continues to impress the more and more we see from him.  He looks outstanding as the older weary Bruce Wayne/ Batman.  There are several moments throughout this trailer where his performance just pops off the screen.  Henry Cavil continues to look great as Superman and Jeremy Irons looks like he’ll be a really good Alfred Pennyworth.  I was very apprehensive of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.  I wasn’t sure if he fit the role but this trailer sold me.  He looks very sinister but at the same time very sleazy and cunning.  He does also have some of the best lines in the trailer (like the final one), “the red capes are coming”.   Gal Gadot looks great as Wonder Women as well.  This trailer sold me on the look of her as the character (even more so than the pictures).   I still want to see more of her performance before I start jumping up and down about her.

Zack Snyder clearly knows how to shoot great action, so that’s no surprise that the action and fight sequences look thrilling in the trailer.  There is a desert fight with Batman and a group of (superman’s?) soldiers that looks like it could be a standout sequence.  There is little glimpses of the actual fight between Superman and Batman and it looks gripping.

You worry a little bit of his style over substance tendencies but this movie certainly could use some style as well.  I have a feeling he’ll find the right blend because the story actually looks very well put together.  A strong script is a good foundation and Academy Award winning writer Chris Terrio might have helped put together a winner.  The trailer didn’t feel too “busy”.  It is still a concern, wondering what is Wonder Women’s full role in the movie ; and we know there is a larger threat out there for Batman and Superman and how much story will that fill up?  Yet for now it all feels very cohesive and I feel fairly confident in Terrio (who was also brought on to write “The Justice League Part I” script).

Photo-Warner Bros
Photo-Warner Bros

This movie could suck.  It very well could, there is always that possibility.  If it does that’ll be a huge disappointment for me because this film reeks of potential.  This may sound like a knee jerk reaction but I felt that was one of the best put together trailers I have ever seen.  I was cheering and clapping at the end it got me so pumped up.  If this is anyway near as good as I hope then DC will take a huge step towards making an amazing cinematic universe.


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