Marisa Tomei for Aunt May In Upcoming Spider-Man Reboot?- Movie News

Tomei In Her Academy Award Winning Film
Tomei In Her Academy Award Winning Film “My Cousin Vinny” (1992)

Today Variety is reporting that after Marvel/Sony had found their new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, in Tom Holland, the production companies might have found their Aunt May, Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei.  The actress follows Academy Award nominated actress Rosemary Harris and Academy Award winning actress Sally Field in the role.  A key and important character for “Spider-Man” lore this is probably one of the most significant castings for any “Spider-Man” movie.

I have been pretty quiet about the upcoming Sony rebooted “Spider-Man”.  I wasn’t all that thrilled when Sony decided to axe “The Amazing Spider-Man” reboot in favor of this Marvel Cinematic Universe option (which requires another reboot).  Still, as a “Spider-Man” fan it’s always interesting to see new interpretations of the character and one with Marvel could prove interesting.  The casting of Tom Holland and hiring of director Jon Watts has done little for me (simply because I am not familiar enough with their work to give a fair assessment).

This news however does excite me!  Marisa Tomei is a dynamic actress that can do drama roles as well as she can play a comedic one.  I am a big fan her Award winning performance in “My Cousin Vinny” (it’s also one of the best comedies you can watch) and other roles she has been a part of.  This isn’t just a question of whether or not she is a great actress, she is the perfect fit for the role.  She can bring the wisdom that is needed for the role along with a caring and nurturing nature (and a dose of New York attitude as well).   She is also around the perfect age for this iteration of the character.  This is nothing but good news to me.

Of course it is worth noting that neither Marvel nor Sony has confirmed this.  This is more than likely true considering this is coming from Variety and the news source is typically pretty accurate.  Still, after the news that Asa Butterfield was “definitely playing Spider-Man” (which turned out to be wrong and Holland got the role) I’ll remain skeptical of Spider-Man casting news until the studio has confirmed it.  I hope though it’s true, this is inspired casting.


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