Goosebumps (2015) Trailer Review


Anyone who grew up in my age group can remember sitting down and reading “Goosebumps” books.  Whenever you were required to read something in class these were a great go to book in Elementary school.  I still have all the countless stacks of books I got from book orders and book fairs as a kid in storage.  I have fond memories of the cheesy Fox TV series (which when you look back at isn’t very good).  Even with new “Goosebumps” books being written I can’t help but feel this film is way past it’s time with the huge popularity of the books being more relevant years ago.  Perhaps that also because I am way past my interest and readership in the series.  Either way I certainly was curious when I found out there would indeed be an adaptation of the series.  The trailer has premiered and I have a feeling this project won’t turn out the way I had hoped.

The trailer shows us this is not going to be an adaptation of a single book but instead something more….meta?  A young teenage boy moves in next door to “Goosebumps” writer R.L. Stine and becomes friends with his daughter as the two strike up a relationship.  One night him and a friend sneak into Stine’s house and find all the manuscripts for “Goosebumps” locked up.  When they open the books up however they release all the monsters  that the novels were holding captive.  Now it’s up to them to capture them all back.

I think it’s pretty clear this movie isn’t meant for older audiences, even people who grew up on the original books.  This is going to be a very safe PG movie for kids where the monsters won’t be too scary for them and the humor won’t be any more harmless than a Nickelodeon show.  All the humor and jokes we have heard before.   Featuring some of your favorites like “no one make a sound”…..then guess what?  Someone screams in girly way (how original and funny)!  The story is simple and the trailer makes sure to hit on all the story beats.

I’ll make this short and simple I obviously wasn’t a fan of this trailer or the way the film looks but this doesn’t look like it’s aimed at me.  I will be checking this out based on pure nostalgia for the property even if it doesn’t resemble it too well.  There could be a degree of fun with Jack Black actually looking like pitch perfect casting in the role of R.L. Stine.  I hope to be surprised by this film!


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