Darth Vader to Appear in Star Wars Anthology: Rouge One?- Movie News


Well more “Star Wars” news keeps coming out of the floodgates.  Yesterday we found out that Chris Millar and Phil Lord would be directing the upcoming “Han Solo” (solo) film.  Not to be outdone there are new reports that Darth Vader will return to the big screen in the upcoming “Star Wars Anthology: Rouge One” as one of the “behind the scenes” villains.  Of course we won’t know if this is true until after the release of “Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation”.  Lucasfilm and Paramount have a deal not to do any publicity on the “Rouge One” until after the fifth “Mission Impossible” film to “avoid confusion for audiences”.  How we would get a Mission Impossible movie and a “Star Wars” movie (that is being released a year from now) mixed up I’ll never know, but at the moment that’s the current situation we live in.

I expect this to be confirmed at Disney’s D23 conference in August if it is true.  This would make perfect sense if it true.  This film would take place just before the beginning of the fourth film “A New Hope” which the rebellion has just stolen the plans to Death Star (which of course this entire film will revolve around).  Vader has been featured heavily in a lot of current “New Cannon” material.  With the novels “Tarkin” and “Lords of the Sith”; he is a big character being focused on (even has his own comic series at Marvel) but I think with his appearance in “Star Wars: Rebels” animated series is the biggest indication.  He is shown at the bad guy from behind the scenes, pulling the strings and a big presence in the upcoming season.  It’d make sense if the Galaxy’s biggest baddie is lurking around in “Rouge One”.

If the season opener of “Star Wars: Rebels” has shown us anything is that James Earl Jones stills has a commanding ownership and grip on the character.  He’d be a welcomed addition to an already impressive looking film (as long as he doesn’t scream, “No” we should be fine).


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