Get Ready For War-Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II Posters-Movie News

Photo- Lionsgate

There will be a big panel for “The Hunger Games” coming up for San Diego Comic Con this week.  Yet Lionsgate isn’t waiting to start getting people hyped up for their upcoming big finale (coming out this November).  The studio has now released a group of individual character posters showing everyone preparing for war with their “war paint” on.  I really love the first two films I think they excel over their “young adult” label (unlike other franchises like “Divergent”, “Twilight” or even “Maze Runner “) and present a story and tone that is feels very mature.  The third film was a bit of a step down, I still liked it but I thought it felt it was a little drawn out.  It did however boast some great sequences (like the raid sequence) and I have no doubt that director Francis Lawrence has something great in store for the final entry in the series.

One thing though that is very clear is Lionsgate knows how to market the hell out of these films.  Every single film their marketing improves and gets more creative and involved with great viral videos; slick posters (like these ones down below) great trailers and TV spots.  I enjoy their marketing blitz a lot and this is for sure one of the biggest films coming out this year (so we’ll see plenty of it) and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Comic Con.  For now….enjoy the new posters!










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