Director Alan Taylor Sums Up Everything That’s Wrong Terminator Genisys- Editorial

Photo-Paramount Pictures
Photo-Paramount Pictures

During an Interview with the Daily Beast director Alan Taylor basically summed everything that’s wrong with the film “Terminator Genisys”.  Taylor states, “We start in 2029 during the Future War, then go back to… 1984, jumping into…2017. So that’s three,” Taylor said. “But when we start the movie we’re actually pre-Judgment Day, because we’re watching a happy beautiful world that was lost. And then Judgment Day happens. Then we cut ahead to…Post-Judgment Day. So that’s actually two more time frames, just within the prologue. Which brings us up to five. Then when we time travel with Kyle and he’s remembering an alternate timeline, which was his 13th birthday in the happy time-verse, which would be 2012 seen in two different ways. And the seventh is when we flash back to the 1970s when Sarah is saved by the Guardian”

Just reading that makes my own head hurt trying to make sense of his long explanation.  He later goes on to state that they used humor in the film as a way to cover up long expositions and hoped that would encourage the audience to just “go with it”.   To me this encapsulates everything that’s wrong with this film.   While you can “go with it” to a certain extent but if your story doesn’t make any sense then how can the audience get invested in it?  Like I said in my review there is a difference between being intricate and being confusing.

Photo-Paramount Pictures
Photo-Paramount Pictures

Throughout the press circuit there has been other attempts to explain confusing plot points and one regarding Matt Smith’s character.  “You see in the beginning,” says screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis. “Matt Smith grabs John. He’s not from this timeline. He’s from an alternate universe, in the multiverse. Another of the many universes that exist. That Skynet is not from that timeline… This Skynet has been to this universe, and this universe, and this universe. That’s why he says, ‘I came a very long way to stop you.’ He’s not from here. So he’s watched it. He’s watched it happen a bunch of different times, and each time he’s seen it there is a different result but the same result.”

So now we jump into even more timelines and time frames that the Taylor and crew just wants the audience to accept and “go with”.  The biggest issue is these questions from reporters are coming out from a state of confusion and not intrigue.  Everyone seems to be trying to make sense of all the mess.  Quite frankly Taylor and Kalogridis comments only make it more confusing.  We know there will be two more films (well if the box office pans out well enough) and perhaps those sequels can clarify more about what happened here.  But, it’s not a good idea to rely on your sequels to iron out problems if your first movie doesn’t deliver.  

Photo-Paramount Pictures
Photo-Paramount Pictures

I really like Alan Taylor as a director thus far in his career and he seems pretty upfront and honest as a filmmaker (which I can admire) but I’m sure if he or the screenwriters fully understood the story either if they want people to just “go with it.


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