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Photo-Paramount Pictures
Photo-Paramount Pictures

A few days ago Variety was reporting on the press circuit of “Terminator Genisys”   that Skydance CEO David Ellison said that “Top Gun 2” is in the works still.  He comments.  “It is very much a world we live in today where it’s drone technology and fifth generation fighters … It’s really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today.”  Plus he added “There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie, and there is no ‘Top Gun’ without Maverick, and it is going to be Maverick playing Maverick, 

(The Original Article can be read here)

“Top Gun” from a critical standpoint isn’t the best made film in the world but it’s among the entertaining.  I love the film for all of its thrilling aerial dogfight scenes (that have no equal), it’s funny dialogue and cheesy grace.  It’s such a fun watch.

Photo- Paramount Pictures
Photo- Paramount Pictures

This has been talked about for years, and even after Tony Scott’s unfortunate passing “Top Gun 2” kept coming up.  Many of you know I don’t problems with sequels and if they truly want to make this movie, then go ahead make it. I hope for the best, if it sucks then no harm done I still have the original movie that I can watch at any time and don’t have to view the new one at any point later in my life.

Still I can’t help but wonder if a sequel is past it’s time.  Let’s face it the sequel will not have the same feel.  “Top Gun” is very much a product of the 80s; the whole feel to the picture is designed by that style.  It’s hyper kinetic, music videoeqsue scenes, and a scene that has Volleyball….that has nothing to do with the plot but exists anyways.  Today there is no way a film like “Top Gun” would be made and at that point is it a “Top Gun” movie?

Photo- Paramount Pictures (will there be more volleyball in the sequel?)
Photo- Paramount Pictures (will there be more volleyball in the sequel?)

Plus with as little character as Maverick actually had in the original, he still grew, where does he go in the sequel?  Although seeing him in a mentor role could prove interesting depending on the side characters.  Would they bring Kelly McGillis back?  Plus the real question what will the movie be about?  If it’s just about the drones then what type of dogfighting would there be?  Let’s face it that was the best part of “Top Gun”.

There is no other movie (made in North America) that I am aware of that comes even close to the thrills and technical skill that went into make the dogfighting sequences in “Top Gun”.  Drones hold no dramatic tension because the pilots are not sitting in the aircraft like the pilots do in the F-14’s showcased in the original.  Plus there is a huge risk all the scenes in the dogfighting would be CGI anyways instead of the practical and thrilling real life aerial sequences that Scott and Co shot for the film.  I don’t have a problem with CGI but that part of what made the tension so palpable in “Top Gun” real aircraft.

Photo - Paramount Pictures
Photo – Paramount Pictures

I’m not against this idea but I’m not exactly jumping up and down about it.   I imagine there will be more to it than drone fighting (with Maverick maybe teaching the military that they still need manually controlled fighter pilots in the sky).  Somehow I doubt this film will even get made anytime soon, and in which case I’ll wait to pass judgment on this but at this point this news doesn’t excite me.


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