Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Teaser Trailer Review


I was going to write and post a “Sinister 2” trailer review along with an “Ant-Man” trailer review (and a few other things I am working and catching up on), but then the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” came out. It grabbed a hold of my attention and I needed to give that my full attention.  Now all of that has to be put on hold with “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer.  This is the film I have been waiting to see my entire life.  I am a lover of superheroes and read a lot of comic book growing up.  I love both Marvel and DC (it’s pretty easy to tell that I do enjoy both), but my all time favorite hero has and always will be Batman.  He has always been the most compelling character to me, and through all the different incarnations, I have stood by him as my favorite.  Now that we’ve seen all the different Marvel characters together, the one thing I had left to see was Batman and Superman on the big screen together.  I actually wanted to see this “World’s Finest” movie more than a “Justice League” movie.  Finally I am getting it, and now I get my first real images of the film. This is much better than I expected.

Like the recent “Star Wars” trailer, this is still very much a teaser.  Not so much concerned with revealing the story of the film rather instead the flavor, the tone and direction this film will be going.  There has been many wild rumors floating around the internet that in all honesty I had no idea what to expect.  I very much enjoyed “Man of Steel”, but I really wanted DC to have their own cinematic universe like Marvel.  Yet I like that the two companies are approaching the superhero game with two different styles.  That just means the genre has a wide range of diversity to choose from.  As much as I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I want DC to do something different. They have shown that they are better at making more serious in tone films, so I am all for the tone of “Man of Steel” and what this teaser has set up.


This look dark, grim, and ripped straight out of the pages of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” (one of the best comic book storylines of all time).  After the events of “Man of Steel”, it looks like everyone is split on how to look at Kal-El (better known as Superman).  Some look at him as a God (with a monument built in his honor), while other looks at him as something dangerous and to be feared (as evident by the spray painted “false god”).  We see a government task force bowing down before Superman (with the Kal-El emblem as patches), which calls into question: how does the government see Superman and how does he see himself?

More importantly, how does Bruce Wayne see him?  There is a voice from Jeremy Irons (played as Alfred) where he talks about “people becoming cruel”, is he talking about Batman?  Is he talking about Lex Luther?  How does Batman feel the need to go after him?  What will bring them to fight one another?  This little tease gives us insight into the world we are going into and hints to where the story is going.  Somehow I don’t believe that Wonder Woman and Aquaman will have as big of rolls as some have led us to believe.  I have nothing to base that off of, but it seems to me if they did have large roles Warner Bros would have hinted at it more this in the teaser.  There was a small Riddler easter egg in the teaser too, could he be a surprise villain?


There is a lot to look at and question here, but easily the most memorable moment is when Batman and Superman stare down one another at the end of the trailer when Ben Affleck in his awesome Batman voice says, “Tell me, do you bleed? ……you will”.  Wow!  That got my blood flowing and ripe with excitement.  This may not be as good as the newest “Star Wars” teaser, but this is better than the first “Star Wars” teaser and I can’t wait to see this, if this sucks I may just cry…for a few months.


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