Ant-Man (2015) Trailer 1 Review


I was among the many that felt very underwhelmed with the first “Ant-Man” trailer.  It was a fine and decent first look, but it was far from something that got me pumped about seeing this character on the big screen.  “Avengers” obviously occupied my mind far more often than this film in the past few months (that’s no fault though of “Ant-Man”).  Yet, this past trailer is more of what I wanted to see the first time around.  Still not quite perfect, but a much improved trailer over its predecessor, and it gets me much more excited for the new film.

Here, we get a much better sense of what the story is.   Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, a down out of his luck crook who is given a second chance after Hank Pymm gives him a shot to take up the mantle of the Ant-Man that may or may not be stolen by Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll).  The question is begged: should everyone have the power to be a god?  We’ve wondered how this will connect with the rest of the Avengers world, and I believe the events of this movie will have a direct effect into “Captain America: Civil War”.  Seeing as the storyline of “Civil War” will deal with a Government inquisition into the superhero world and have some sort of legislation to limit their activities, that line could foreshadow the effects this film might have on the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We finally got to see more of the VFX and action sequences, and I’m pretty impressed.  It’s a really tricky thing to get a character like Ant-Man to work well on screen.  It’s hard to take a character who can shrink and talk to ants seriously.  Yet from the trailer (which looks a lot like the comic con footage that was shown a few years ago), they really make his powers look pretty badass.  Being able to shrink then grow instantly looks like a pretty sick power (forgive my high school phasing), and the visual effects look pretty well done.

We all know Marvel has had some issues creating some good villains.  There’s Loki, but there’s not much else because they’re rather forgettable villains.  Hopefully Ultron will change that, and from the looks of it, “Ant-Man” could also help break that mold.  Corey Stoll of “House of Cards” fame plays Darren Cross or better known Yellowjacket.  Stoll has shown himself as a wonderful actor in the one season of “House of Cards” he was in, and from the moments we see him in the trailer, he looks menacing and a perfect foil to Paul Rudd as Ant-Man.

There are still things that didn’t work for me. The humor isn’t really hitting its mark (with the exception of the sight gag of Thomas the Tank Engine at the end had me laughing pretty hard), and the film still doesn’t completely feel like it fits well into the Marvel mold (it has shades of a DC Movie). Then again, I didn’t see “Guardians of the Galaxy” fitting into the Marvel mold either and I was wrong about that as well.


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