Terminator Genisys (2015) Trailer Review


A new “Terminator” trailer has been released to geeks and everyone else worldwide today.  But, man this is sure to piss off some of the more hardcore “Terminator” fans.  This is isn’t exactly how you want to start off with a trailer review, but coming from straight up honesty I could tell you as soon as I watched this I knew that some fans would be up in arms.  Trust I am a big fan of the franchise, I believe we have been long overdue for another good film in the series.  “Terminator 3” isn’t a bad film but it’s far from the likes of “Terminator” and “Terminator 2”.    “Terminator Salvation” left a lot to be desired but in all honestly that’s the era I wanted to see the films to go.  As a “Terminator” fan I felt I was done with the time traveling Terminators trying to erase the potential future.  I wanted to see the war that Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese have been warning about ever since the original “Terminator”. “Salvation” started to give us that but faltered.

Initially I rolled my eyes that “Terminator  Genesis” (oh sorry “Terminator Genisys”) when it was announced that the film would involve another time traveling adventure.  Yet, the first trailer really did sell me on the plot.  I love the cast that’s been assembled for this film, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Conner?  That’s genius casting! Jason Clarke is a great actor and fits the mold of a John Conner (and hasn’t flipped out on set like Christian Bale did), J.K Simmons and a movie where it looks like Jai Country actually fits his part.  Plus I believe Alan Taylor could become a very talented director.  Quickly I became very excited about this movie.  Yet, I’m not sure how to feel about this trailer.

There is a lot to love here.  As I said before the cast looks great, the visual effects look very well done, and the action looks thrilling.  Yet the big reveal in the trailer is that John Conner has been transformed into a new Terminator.  Now this is what fans will most likely get angry at.  Having the series hero become a Terminator in some ways feels like fan fiction.  Although in another way it’s a big twist that maybe the series needs.  This franchise needs a shot of adrenalin to get back going again. Yet I feel as though that the past two films have been trying to reinvent aspects of the mythology and none of it has quite stuck.  The more I write about this the more the idea grows on me but initially when I saw that I said aloud, “wait what?”  It threw me for a total loop.   I don’t believe most fans will embrace it.   Yet in other ways it feels like a desperate way to create something new.  Although again, this could be a bold new direction for the series.

On the positive side it looks like Taylor (despite the changes) looks like he is blending together the two tones of the James Cameron directed films.  The suspenseful and darkness of the first film, mixed with the lighthearted action and character heavy feel of the second one.  Many parts in the trailer I felt like I was watching those two films  If the filmmakers can pull off this timeline change and the John Conner twist this could easily be the best “Terminator” film in a long time.  I think the movie will either crumble or rise with this newest twist.  Could this be the 2009 “Star Trek” for the “Terminator” franchise?   It just maybe.  I’m still very excited, and now more curious to see what other twists they have in store.  In that sense the trailer worked for me.  It got me more interested in the final product.


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