Maggie (2015) Trailer Review


He’s back!  Or kind of back?  The trailer has dropped for a rather unknown little zombie film called “Maggie” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This is actually a few days old now but I still think this is worth talking about.  Mostly because of the acting departure that Arnold is taking in this picture.

“Maggie” takes place during a virus outbreak that is slowly turning people into cannibalistic zombies.  Arnie’s character, named Wade, learns his only daughter has been infected with the virus.  He will do anything in his power to protect her from people on the outside trying to lock her up, and from anything else that threatens her,  as she slowly becomes the thing he is trying to protect her from.


It’s a different take on the zombie genre for sure.  We’ve seen a lot of zombie films, games, novels and comic books in recent years since the explosion of the zombie genre.  It has always been popular but since “The Walking Dead” the genre has erupted into a cultural phenomenon.  Yet, most of the stories is about a bunch of survivors trying to (well…) survive the zombie outbreak.  That’s fine and a provides an interesting story to tell.  Still, there is only so much variation you can do on that type of archetype.  This here looks to scale things back where it focuses on a very small story between a father and daughter.  It’s interesting to see the zombie transformation take place very slowly which could lead to some very well written drama and character development.   The tone of the trailer felt like a mix between “The Crazies” and the video game “The Last of Us”.  It really drew me in to the more emotional driven storyline rather than being another loud, and explosive blockbuster like “World War Z”.  The trailer reveals it’s quiet nature but creepy nature.  The film looks more like a drama that happens to have zombies in it, rather than a zombie film that happens to have drama.

The biggest stand out though is the Terminator (Arnold) himself.  A huge departure from what we are used to seeing him in.  Like I said this is more so a drama and being a drama that requires a lot more acting skills than brute strength and charisma.  Can Arnold pull off that type dramatic range?  It’s certainly a question on many people’s minds.  We all know him as the big action star, and a surprising effective comedic actor, never though a dramatic actor.  However could he stun us all and reinvent himself?  He’s done it before.  He was a huge action star and then reinvented himself to a comedic star and then to politician.  Could Arnold maybe transform into a solid dramatic actor?  We know Sylvester Stallone can pull off dramatic pieces but I’ve never seen it from Arnold.  The trailer doesn’t show many lines from the action star but his facial performance looks surprisingly spot on; he seems to convey much emotion.  Though I worry if he pull off his lines in a believable manner.


Arnold might have realized that his career needs this because his recent action movies aren’t exactly killing it at the box office. This new indie film could give him new direction into his career.  The trailer is pretty solid, the storyline looks interesting, Arnold looks decent; this could turn out to be a nice little surprise for both the actor and the film.  This premieres May 8ths in theaters and video on demand.


2 thoughts on “Maggie (2015) Trailer Review

  1. I think it was a mistake for him to go into politics. When your job is to pretend to be other people on camera, why do you want the responsibility of running a state?

    Movie looks good I will definitely check it out.


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