Spectre (2015) Teaser Trailer Review


Here we have our first official teaser for the follow up the highly successful James Bond film “Skyfall” ; with Sam Mendes returning to the director’s chair for “Spectre”.  After hearing of some production problems,  I did have my reservations about the 24th James Bond adventure (the GAP looking photo shoot posters did little to ease my worry).  Despite all of that, it’s still my fourth most anticipated film of the year.   This teaser only heightens my excitement for this film.

I am a big fan of many things (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman etc.) but something else I am a big fan of is the James Bond series, both in film and novel forms.  I read many of Ian Flemings original novels, even the John Gardner, and Raymond Benson eras of Bond.  Hell, I even read some of Charlie Higson’s Young Bond novels.  The film series has seen many highs and lows but certainly it’s a cornerstone in the history of cinema.  Naturally I get excited every time a new Bond film would get a release.  The Daniel Craig era of James Bond (thus far)  have been excellent.  “Casino Royale” and “Skyfall” are both among the best of all the James Bond movies.  “Quantum of Solace” may not have been a strong film but it has its moments (would have been much better under a different director).


Still not much is known about this newest film, concerning the plot.  All that is really known is Bond’s greatest foe is finally making it’s grand return here; the spy organization called Spectre.  This teaser helps bring some more insight into where the plot of the film will be going.  In this trailer we see also the return of Mr. White.  An associate of the terrorist organization called Quantum from “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace”.  I was so glad to see the filmmakers were not ignoring the weaker “Quantum of Solace” and making that film a relevant piece in the overall story.  Is Quantum apart of Spectre?  How is Mr. White connected to them, we have yet to see.

“Spectre” also seems to show that these newer Craig Bond films are being more and more continuity base rather than the episodic adventures that we are accustom too.  This brings narrative arcs from all the Daniel Craig bond films into this newest one.  There is talk of the events of “Skyfall” , Quantum has relevance; this is all very interesting to see.  The older films has loose connections to one another but never this amount of connectivity.


We keep delving into the past of Bond  (something the other films ignored).  What’s in his past that Bond is keeping a secret?  It’s a question I’ve been racking my brains with.  Is it about his father?  Or is something to do with “the temporary guardianship” papers that he is seen briefly looking at in the trailer?  Does Spectre have a connection to his past?  This teaser brings us more questions than answers (but they are all fascinating questions).  I hope the next couple of trailers don’t reveal all of its answers, and leave a few tricks secret from the audience.

The teaser itself is quiet and brooding with beautiful imagery from director Sam Mendes.  This teaser may be indicative of a movie more concerned with its story than its action.  As much as I wanted to see a few brief shots of Bond throwing down with Dave Batista, the teaser omits all of that.   Instead the trailer enjoys raising its puzzling story questions.  We all know the action from “Skyfall” was incredible so director Sam Mendes will bring that back to “Spectre”.    So perhaps it doesn’t need to show off the wicked action sequences that we are sure to see in the film and the later trailers.


This newest teaser raises many questions and certainly teases us but this does nothing more than excite me further.  Could this be as good as the last Bond film?  It possibly could be.  With the amount of talent and intrigue this has, “Spectre” looks to continue to shake things up after 50 years of tradition and I welcome all of it.  Please don’t let us down Mendes, this has all the right ingredients to succeed.


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