First Look at Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor- Movie News

Photo Originally From Entertainment Weekly
Photo Originally From Entertainment Weekly

Yesterday we got our first look at Jesse Eisenberg as Superman’s greatest Nemesis Lex Luthor!  When this was announced the casting certainly was met with a fair degree of distain and controversy.  The fan favorite was Bryan Cranston as Luthor.  That is a casting that I would love to have seen but it’s obvious that DC and director Zack Snyder were going in a different direction.  I actually thought Mark Strong would also be a great Lex Luthor (but perhaps that’s too cliché of a choice he was after all Sinestro in “Green Lantern” and the chief villain in “Kick Ass”).

I really was unsure of Jesse Eisenberg as Superman’s greatest foe.  I did really wanted to see a new version of Lex.  As fondly as we remember and love Gene Hackman as Lex, he certainly played a more silver age comic book version of the character.  Describing himself as “the greatest criminal masterpiece” throughout the series.  That sort of speech is fine for the era, but it’s perhaps time for the on screen persona to evolve.  Perhaps that’s why Kevin Spacey’s on screen portrayal wasn’t as accepted as Hackman’s (even though it’s an extension of Hackman’s version of the character).

Is Eisenberg  the guy to bring us this new version of Lex?  I’m not completely  sure.  From this photo he does look the part.  Bald and fearsome looking, he could very well be the actor to do it.  Yet the thing to keep in mind for the people proclaiming this as proof that he is right for the part, is it is just a picture.  He does look the part (which was something I was concerned about) it’s whether or not he will just act like he does in all the other movies he is in (granted his performance in “Social Network” was stellar).  I have also heard that Eisenberg is great in a movie called “The Double”; playing two versions of himself (which I have yet to see).

This photo puts my mind at ease that he will look the part, but I’m still not convinced if he is the right actor for the role.  I want to see him acting the part in the trailer before I given my final thoughts on how I think his performance will turn out to be.  Of all the casting in the movie, him and Gal Gadot I’m still weary of (but more optimistic on Eisenberg).  Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, and returning Henry Cavil, I believe will pull off their roles.  Great photo, let’s see an acting reel.


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