Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation (2015) Trailer Review


With 2011’s “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” the “Mission Impossible” franchise gots a fresh new kick start.  The series up to that point had always been fun and entertaining.  Each movie had their own sense of style with a new director every movie giving the series a fresh take every single time out.  Let’s face it John Woo’s “Mission Impossible II” is nothing  like Brain De Palma’s original “Mission Impossible”.

“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” however kicked things up a notch.   Easily the best in the franchise, former Pixar director Brad Bird with a brilliant mix of smart storytelling, a stellar cast, heat pounding set pieces and great stunt work.  It’s a great thrill ride from beginning to end.  So, “Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation” (the latest and 5th installment in the franchise) has a lot to live up too. But, from the looks of this first trailer (clocking in at 2 minutes and 42 seconds) this looks more than up to the task.


Details about the plot had been relativity scarce up until the trailer’s release.  “Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation”  once again has the government attempting to shut down the IMF with (possibly) Ethan Hunt going rouge in his search for a group called the syndicate.   A group highly trained and skilled agents that are committed to destroying the IMF at all costs.

A few elements in the trailer do ring of familiarity.  Alec Baldwin’s character attempting to shut down the IMF (saw that in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”) with Ethan and his group seemingly gone rouge (seen that in about 2 or 3 times in these movies) and  the syndicate that is out to destroy the IMF has shades of James Bond nemesis Spectre or even the recent Quantum.  There are certainly familiar elements to the series, but I’m not sure if it’s because of a different director taking over, or the way the trailer was edited it still feels mostly fresh.


Perhaps the IMF doesn’t get shut down but Alec Baldwin is attempting to do so (I can only speculate at this point).  Ethan going rouge always is fun and the Syndicate looks like they mean business.  The tone of the trailer captured a mix between a fun older Bond movie and a modern self serious action thriller.  It’s an odd pairing but it seems to work. Plus the Syndicate could be the IMF’s greatest threat yet (if the trailer is any indication).

One thing you have to touch on is how amazing the action looks in this trailer.  Of course it is important to keep in mind that the trailer could simply be edited to capture the best moments of action, and in reality could be horrible.  The “Taken 3” trailer made the action sequences look incredible when in reality (for lack of a better phase) were complete horse shit. Yet from what I can see from the trailer, the action looks out of control.  The bike chase looks exciting, and there is a really awesome moment where (I believe) Ethan hits the emergency brakes and the car he is driving spins around, and takes out some motorcycles chasing him while the car is spinning.  Director Christopher McQuarrie seems to have a good grip on the action set pieces ( he is also re-teaming with star Tom Cruise from 2012’s “Jack Reacher”).

The biggest moment of the trailer came via Tom Cruise once again performing a death defying stunt, where Cruise straps himself to the side of an air plane as it takes off.  No green screen, no stunt doubles, all real.  How do you top hanging off the tallest building in the world in the previous “Mission Impossible”?  Well, you hang onto the side of an airplane!  Which stunt is crazier?  Well that depends on who you ask.  A moment that will have audiences talking for sure either way.


Originally set to be released in December of this year, “Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation” got bumped all the way up to July 31st.  Trying to avoid competing with the juggernaut known as “Star Wars”, it’s still rare for a movie to be moved up from its release date instead of being pushed back.  The studio must have major confidence and love for this project if they believe in it that much to take a roll of the dice and push it up almost 5 months.  From the looks of the trailer (even with familiar elements that do somehow feel sort of fresh) this does look like the follow up to “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” that we’ve been hoping for.


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