Pixels (2015) Trailer Review


So, I’ve decide I’m going to attempt to do more trailer reviews in the coming days.  With so many trailers coming out all the time I may miss a few. But, here is my proclamation to try to at least hit the biggest trailers!  Starting with the brand new trailer for the Chris Columbus directed  Sci-Fi comedy “Pixels”

To be released on July 24th, “Pixels” stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, and “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage.  Based off the short film of the same name, “Pixels” is about an attack on Earth from a group of Aliens that mistook video game signals as an act of war and stared using our own video game characters against us.  Earth powerless against this threat, the President of the United States calls upon his childhood friend and 1980s video game champion to help fight them.


I don’t know if it’s because that last few of Adam Sandler’s movies have burned my soul so bad, but I honestly had a good time watching this trailer.  I do understand the fair amount of criticism against it, because a lot of the plot is pretty stupid (somehow Kevin James got elected president- I know I didn’t vote for him).  Yet there is a fair amount of creativity and nostalgia you can have with this type of movie.  Generally speaking the movie seems to be using the level designs of the original arcade games (like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede) in an interesting and entertaining way.

At first I thought the trailer was taking it way too seriously, but after I viewed it a few times I realized it was a terrific parody of other blockbuster trailers. The dramatic music, the long shots of destruction (in this case a giant version of Pac-Man tearing through a city), and intense moments, here broken up with the sight of beloved video game characters ravaging our society (something conservative news channels seem to predict all the time).


The ending of the trailer however is what was concerning to me as a whole.  Some part of me loved seeing the original creator of Pac-Man cameo in the movie.  The rest of me, was puzzled.  Why would the creator of “Pac-Man” think he could calm down a giant alien-“ized” version of Pac-Man?  Well, Michael you’re reading into this too much, it’s just a joke setup (as some would like to point out-maybe rightfully so).  Well all that aside, the punch line was actually painfully cringe worthy.  Seeing the creator of the Pac-Man get bitten by Pac-Man only for him to start screaming like a little child to kill it, is not exactly all that funny. It feels more like a 5th grader’s idea of a good joke.  There is something else however that does bother me, the writers of this movie.

The writers of “Pixels” are Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling.  Their writing credits?  “Bedtime Stories”, “Grown Up 2”, “This Means War” and “Just Go With It”.  Those movies do not inspire much confidence and the in your face (obvious) type of humor (like the final joke in the trailer) is the type of humor that has plagued Adam Sandler’s recent movies.   The trailer itself doesn’t show off many jokes. This trailer instead mainly just shows off the concepts of the movie (which I did enjoy).  But, the one obvious attempt at humor was a big misfire and I hope this isn’t indicative of the whole movie.


Ultimately, I had fun with the trailer.  Adam Sandler and Kevin James have talent somewhere (trapped deep inside of them); the concept seems fun and unique (with plenty of nostalgia video game love),and has director Chris Columbus .  “Harry Potter”, “Home Alone”, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”, he has made some great movies and I hope he turns this interesting and creative concept into a good film.  As long as the writers stay away from the poor attempts of humor (demonstrated at the end of the trailer) then this could be a pretty fun summer popcorn comedy flick.


2 thoughts on “Pixels (2015) Trailer Review

  1. Its interesting reading a trailer review. You’re is probably the only original take on the trailer or any trailer out of well the 20 other postings that I’ve seen of this same trailer. Excellent write up. I’d rather read your stuff than well see all of the trailers…. uggg.

    As for my take on the trailer, its a 10 year old Futurama episode with what looks like a big budget. 🙂


    1. Hey thanks for compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      It’s funny you bring up the Futurama episode, because after I posted this I started to see that mentioned around the internet. I’ve never really gotten into the show myself (despite enjoying the episodes I have seen) but I now have an urge to try to find that episode and watch it.

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