Frozen Fever (2015) Animated Short Review “Enjoyable and Fun”


As many of you may note, I did get to see “Cinderella” this weekend.  So, along with that I got to see the new “Frozen” short, “Frozen Fever” (that played in front of it).  I know there are a few people that are actually more excited for the short than there are the movie.  I almost feel as though some view “Cinderella” as a bonus to seeing the “Frozen” short.  Knowing this high excitement for the short I decided to give it its own little review instead (which might be something I might start doing for animated short films that play before feature length movies).

First of all this is perfectly titled, “Frozen Fever”, not just because of the plot of the short, but also because “Frozen” is hot right now.  It won’t melt away anytime soon (pun completely intended) because you can’t escape it.  I, like many others, loved “Frozen” when it first came out, and maybe now I’m a little sick of the over exposure of it.  Yet once the short started I was sucked right back into the world I loved the first time I saw it.


“Frozen Fever” is  about Ana’s birthday with Elsa (*Spoiler alert*, she has a new dress) trying to throw a perfect birthday bash for her.  Of course though something goes awry with Elsa battling a cold that makes her sneeze little ice babies causing mayhem.

Disney is usually very good with their animated shorts (last year’s “Feast” and “Get a Horse” being perfect examples).  I love how Disney is making short animated features to play in front of their big movie releases.  This is something I hope to see become a trend with new Looney Tunes cartoon shorts playing in front of Warner Bros movies (and Disney continuing theirs, along with Pixar).


This film does help bring you back into the world of “Frozen”.  My god, I felt like I was starting to get sick of the movie.  Trust me, when it came out I loved it too, but you can only listen to the same song on the radio so many times before you get tired of it.  This is essentially what happened to me with “Frozen”.  I had to keep reminding myself, you don’t hate the movie you hate always hearing about it.  Even with “Star Wars” I feel like there is an escape hatch somewhere if you need to take a break from it (which I never really do).  “Frozen” was on the radio, TV, internet, theaters (essentially everywhere).

Yet once again when I watched this short I was back in the world.  I forgot about the over exposure and just enjoyed myself.  This does feel like the same place we left in the first “Frozen”.  That, I would say is the biggest accomplishment of this short; makes us (whom do feel fatigued) forget about the over-exposure (which I can’t really blame Disney for) and enjoy the characters once again.


Still it’s not as creatively impressive as “Get a Horse” was but I’m not sure if that was their intent though.  I think Disney tried to cater to the fans of “Frozen” first and foremost.  This has a good build up and pay off.  It’s not something I really want to see again (like “Get a Horse”) but it was enjoyable enough and gives you enough to munch on before “Frozen 2” finally hits the big screen in a few years.  It may be underwhelming in some ways but it’s “Frozen” in moderation which is always welcomed nowadays.

Final Score



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