The 87th Annual Academy Awards- Oscar Picks


Like them or hate them, the Academy Awards is one of the biggest times of the year for film fans, and stars alike.  For weeks now we’ve been speculating who is going to win and take home the trophies.  A few of the awards are going to be close (Best Picture, and Best Director for sure).  Still, if any of you are filling out their Oscar ballots and are looking for extra advice I hopefully won’t steer you wrong here.  I went 21 for 24 last year, I doubt I’ll do that good again but let’s give it a shot!

(Disclaimer: This is the list of people I think will win, not who I want to win. )

Best Picture- Boyhood
Best Director-  Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Best Actor- Eddie Redmayne
Best Actress- Julianne Moore
Best Supporting Actor-  J.K. Simmons
Best Supporting Actress-  Patricia Arquette
Best Adapted Screenplay- Whiplash
Best Original Screenplay- The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Animated Feature-How to Train Your Dragon 2
Best Animated Short- Feast
Best Short Film – Live Action- The Phone Call
Best Foreign Language Film- Ida
Best Cinematography- Birdman
Best Film Editing- Boyhood
Best Production Design- The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Costume Design- The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Makeup- The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Original Score- The Theory of Everything
Best Original Song- “Glory” (From Selma)
Best Documentary- Citizenfour
Best Documentary Short- Crisis Hotline: Veterans Part 1
Best Visual Effects- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Best Sound Editing- American Sniper
Best Sound Mixing- Whiplash


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