Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Trailer Review


Watch Trailer Here!

Geeks and Jocks have finally come together!  During the BCS college football game, Marvel has premiered their newest “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer along with the game (or you could have waited for the trailer to premiere online too).  This newest “Avengers” movie has already had one of the best trailers in recent memory, how can this newest one top it?  Well it doesn’t.  This trailer has some awesome moments and certainly isn’t terrible, but this feels more like the teaser Marvel should have led off  with instead of the predecessor.

To highlight something before I go any further, I am very excited to see this movie.  If you saw my “Top 20 most anticipated films of 2015” list, this is number two on that list (behind Star Wars VII).  I love the first “Avengers” and the first trailer for this newest sequel was out of this world good.  I do believe the new entry will be great.  Now that that’s out of the way lets more on with the article shall we?


In some regards this trailer is oddly refreshing.  In the business of marketing, you want to start off small and build up to gain excitement.  This way, every single new piece you get as a consumer gets you more excited than the one before.  Each piece of marketing should build off the last piece you’ve put out.  While the first trailer of “Avengers 2” was epic in scale, big action showcases, bombastic imagery, grim images and pulse pounding score, this one pulls back on everything.

The music is subdued and quiet; it tries to integrate more character moments along with the huge action moments.  This next trailer doesn’t showcase any of the humor we’re accustom too with most Marvel properties, continuing to single to many of us that this will be a dark second chapter for our heroes.  Marvel showed off some more Hulk versus Iron Man action, destruction and just a tiny bit more on some of our newer characters.   This second trailer feels pulled back and in some ways that is refreshing to not have a studio so concerned with topping itself.  Yet in other ways it comes across as lazy and sloppy.


As I said before this isn’t a bad trailer (“The Seventh Son” is a bad trailer)  but under two minutes long this feels incredibly rushed.  No real buildup, just an orgy of images that seems thrown onto the screen that might seem to appease the fans.  A lot of what’s shown in the trailer is only slight variations in what we saw in the first one.  Only a slightly different shot of Andy Serkis, only a slightly different shot of Ultron with his back turned, only a slightly longer shot of Ultron crashing the Avengers party in Tony Stark tower (and so on and so forth).  There isn’t anything really new about this trailer.  In one regard I don’t want to see too much before the movie, but on the other regard I don’t want to be shown new trailer without seeing something new to them (it’s a difficult tightrope to balance on).

Remember in the first trailer where we saw Captain America’s shield broken in half?  I nearly got out of my seat and yelled in shock and awe.  The soft singing of “I’ve got no strings” with Ultron himself proclaiming “I’ve got no strings on me”, sent chills down my spine.  Here there is no such moment.  Out of the entire trailer I can pick two moments that stood out to me, Captain America throwing down with Ultron and Ultron’s line, “I’m going to tear you apart from the inside”.  I loved these moments but had the trailer not felt so rushed it might have had a bigger impact.


If anything I feel as though this should have been Marvel’s first teaser as oppose to the other one.  This one feels like it goes out of its way to be cryptic and not show too much (which is a teaser’s job).  I do like the style of this trailer and maybe an extra 20 seconds might have helped it feel less rushed.  Then again this is my initial reactions I am literally writing this about 30 min after the trailer came uploaded onto YouTube.  The more times I’ve watched it the slightly better it’s gotten and either way this does not dispel my excitement for the film.  This is like following up an epic “Lord of the Rings” trailer with one of its own teasers, it just doesn’t have the same effect as the main trailer.   I feel as though this article comes off my negative than it should.  This is more of a critique on the trailer and marketing then how I think the film looks as whole.  As a whole, this movie looks like it’s going to amazing; this trailer? It’s decent not great.


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