My Top 10 Worst Films of 2014


“That is one big pile of shit,” Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)

2014 may have been a strong year for film, but there also was quite a few amount of stinkers as well. So here highlights my personal opinion for the top 10 worst films of the year. Now I grant you that I haven’t seen every film this year but from the substantial amount I have seen this is my personal worst. Feel free to disagree with me and leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section. So here we are, the worst of the worst.

Dishonorable Mentions
-November Man
-Vampire Academy

#10- Blended


Yes Adam Sandler is back….on another top ten worst list. I love Adam Sandler, I really do, but like so many others his most recent films have been nothing but disappointing to downright tragic. After “Grown Ups”, “Jack and Jill” and “Just My Boy” I thought Sandler would start to change his career choices and “Blended” gave me some hope; returning “Wedding Singer” director and pairing with his co-star Drew Barrymore. Sadly it was not to be. The film is nearly laugh free, and quite honestly the more I think about it, the more insulting it is to African culture. If anything this should be more upsetting then “The Interview” for North Korea (I am speaking in hyperbole of course ) . Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s chemistry can’t save the film, and honestly, even Adam Sandler looks bored in it.

#9-Ride Along


Good buddy cop movies are really hard to make without feeling clichéd and generic, yet “Ride Along” is more than that, it’s just lazy. The script is almost laugh free, Ice Cube doesn’t even feel like he trying, Kevin Hart tries so hard that it comes across as annoying. The directing is stock, while the action is boring, and the plot is predictable. This movie is the definition of lazy filmmaking and lord knows our luck we will get a sequel too.

#8- I, Frankenstein


Who thought this was a good idea? Frankenstein’s monster looks like a biker without the motorcycle, the mythology is paper thin and the plot comes up with some of the most random pairings of two enemies. Why Gargoyles and Demons? Why Frankenstein? None of it seems to make sense, it’s just thrown together to make some random fantasy action movie with video game like graphics. Aaron Eckhart tries his best but under weak direction, fails to make an impact. This is far from the new “Underworld”.

#7-Transformers: Age of Extinction


Maybe its lower on the list then some others would expect (that should tell you how bad some of these others movies are) but that doesn’t change how bad this film actually was. No I’m not a Michael Bay hater, in fact I think he has many strengths as a director. I love the first “Transformers” and enjoyed “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and I had some hope for this newest entry in the series; with new story and different sets of actors. Once again my hopes were crushed in spectacular fashion. The story is overblown and has several gaping holes in it, while the action (which saved Part III) becomes increasingly unexciting. The film never seems to end, the dialogue is awful, the product placement is gratuitous, and there is even a scene where the filmmakers decided to take a minute to explain a law on why it’s okay for a 19 year old to have sex with a 17 year old. Lockdown was a cool addition, too bad the film didn’t focus on him and the rest of the Transformers instead of the miscast Mark Walberg.

#6- Devil’s Due


I really am tired of found footage horror films. There was a point where there was some creativity to them, but now they are tired and played out. I was sitting there watching the boring, un-scary “Devil’s Due” thinking, “huh, this might be a lot better if it wasn’t a found footage film”. Some scenes were ripe for creep factor but were hindered by the found footage gimmick. Would the movie be good if it wasn’t found footage? Not quite, the script is still poorly written, but still it would have been better than this misfortune we had to watch.

#5-V/H/S: Viral


I never saw the first two films in the series but did see they were well received and the premise was intriguing for the horror genre. However here the creativity that should have been, just wasn’t there. The film (another found footage horror movie) wasn’t scary and the different segments all have potential but nothing really delivered. There was a point where I started falling asleep and had to nod myself awake, that is something a horror film should not have me doing.

4- Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones


I wasn’t a huge fan of the Paranormal Activity fanchise from the beginning but I enjoyed the first three and saw some real effort behind them. Paranormal Activity 4 missed it’s mark and was actually pretty boring. Yet the series wasn’t far from done (still plenty of story left hanging.) “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” is a slap in the face to film fans. The movie is insultingly un-scary, and honestly made me angry watching it. Nothing new is added to the story except over ridicules new plotlines, like time travel. Really? This really makes me unexcited for the next entry in the series.

#3- The Legend of the Hercules


I noted earlier in my review of this film that I would be shocked if “Legend of Hercules” didn’t end up on my top 10 worst of the year. Here we are at the end of the year and ‘Hercules’ almost made the top spot. This is lazy filmmaking at its finest with horrible green screen, poor action sequences, bad acting, and worse storytelling. It’s incredible that a film like this cost 70 million dollars to make and somehow got released into theaters. It’s not even so bad it’s great, it’s so bad that no one will remember this film for years to come.

#2- Jessabelle


Yet another horror movie enters the list. At points it felt like the editor missed several big spots of the movie because it didn’t feel complete. The plot was rushed, no scares, poor acting and bad set ups and odd combination of different horror styles. I know I initially gave this a higher score then “Legend of Hercules” (and both are horrible) but if I had to sit down and think about it, at least “Legend of Hercules” felt like a complete movie, this really doesn’t; so I will give this the spot for number two over “Hercules”.

#1- Ouija


The absolute worst film of the year is Ouija. The scary part about this movie is how “Casper” is more freighting then this. This is boring as it is also generic and lazy. Even” Jessabelle” had a few jump scares that made me jump; at the very least “Jessabelle” did that. Ouija can’t even get the jump scares right. Jump scares is something everyone does! Who hasn’t waited around the corner of a hallway and jumped out and yelled boo to scare your friend? Ouija can’t even get one of those to work. When you can’t get one jump scare to work, you have failed. This is a film I never want to see again and is without a doubt the worst of 2014.

So here is my list what’s yours? Please leave your comments and thoughts in the comment section below!


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