Ghostbusters 3? Not Sure If I Want to Make That Call


After “Ghostbusters 2” you’d expect to see a follow up. Although not as well received as the original, “Ghostbusters” still had a strong fan base, and “Ghostbusters 2” did well enough to warrant a second sequel. Through a few different series of events “Ghostbusters 3” never got put into production. However for the past 10-15 years or so we keep get rumblings of a possible third installment. It wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibilities to have the franchise revisited in today’s Hollywood climate.

Lots of different properties from the 1980’s have currently been revisited in whether it be a remake, reboot or sequel. Recently we’ve gotten a “Robocop” remake, and another possible “Rambo” sequel (which didn’t originate in the 80s but gained its popularity in the 80s). Now we know that Jerry Bruckheimer is developing a “Top Gun” and “Beverly Hills Cop” sequel while Arnold Schwarzenegger is going back to “The Terminator” and “Conan the Barbarian”. It’s not completely crazy to suggest that there would be some sort of “Ghostbusters” film in the works. Recently there has been a lot more talk and activity surrounding around it which could suggest we might see one soon, but then again it could be nothing more than more of the same talk, but at this point is it even worth making a “Ghostbusters 3”?


The first thing to establish first and foremost is I’m not oppose to reboots or sequels. It doesn’t harm the original film to make a new one and could in fact bring a new audience to those original films. So if they were to announce today that a “Ghostbusters 3” is going be officially made I would give it a chance yet at a certain point I have to ask is it worth it anymore?

A few years ago I still had some enthusiasm for a new “Ghostbusters” film but with each passing year that enthusiasm continues to dim. There has been some good ideas thrown around for a “Ghostbusters 3” like the Ghostbusters going to hell or the ghost world invading the human world, there is potential but the video game that came out a years ago is treated by many as “Ghostbusters 3”. It could be worth adapting the game and making it into a movie but there are a few glaring things that make me question if it’s worth.


Those few things are Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, two of the original Ghostbusters. Bill Murray was one of the biggest reasons why the original worked the way it did (as is the entire group together) but in many recent interviews Murray has stated that he isn’t interested in a third film and really seems to be putting down the project in general. Perhaps the film could survive the hit of losing what could be their most popular character (and actor) but there is also the recent loss of Harold Ramis. Ramis recently and tragically passed away and therefore (obviously) could not be a part of the film. With two of original spots vacant, who do you fill that with? All that’s left is Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. Hudson has never been a focal point in the series and hasn’t had much to do to begin with. So in essence all you have is Aykroyd who hasn’t done much of merit recently. Why do I want to see just an old past his prime Aykroyd and none of the other Ghostbusters?

At this point you have to bring in all new cast members. So now it’s no longer the original “Ghostbusters”, it’s just Aykroyd and the new team, which sounds like a bad direct to video sequel idea instead of a full length feature. Then you also have to start thinking about a reboot for a series that doesn’t have much demand for one. One of the ideas been floated around the internet right now is an all female cast of Ghostbusters which could be different and interesting but it feels like a forced new idea to keep the franchise afloat. Dan Aykroyd has also made some comments looking at “the Marvel Model” in building a franchise, a universe for “Ghostbusters”, which (again) seems like just another idea getting thrown around to keep this series going. The mythology of “Ghostbusters” isn’t strong enough to sustain a massive universe like Marvel which has over half a century of material, history and mythology to pull from.

Dan Aykroyd And Bill Murray In 'Ghostbusters'

What can salvage this? The only thing I can see is if the studio gets a grade A director. Like a Phil Lord and Chris Miller of “Lego Movie” and “21 & 22 Jump Street” fame, or one of the Rietman family members. Yet still at this point I’m not interested in a “Ghostbusters 3”; It’s a franchise I’d rather not see revisited. It’ll probably get made, in which case I will give it’s due chance like every other movie but I don’t see how this does not end in disappointment.


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