Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Movie Review “A Fun Summer Sc-Fi Adventure”


There are some movies that’s marketing does not represent the movie. A lot of marketing teams for some reason market the movie differently than it actually to bring in a larger audience. When I saw the trailers for “Edge of Tomorrow” it looked like a dark and serious sc-fi film. It looked decent but nothing special. When I got in the theater I couldn’t be more surprised on what the movie actually was. It was a fun, tense, funny, action packed, and well acted sc-fi film that the plot hinges on some things you have to role with or you don’t, but that doesn’t change how much fun this movie was.

“Edge of Tomorrow” is about this war that mankind is having with aliens. This time they have invaded Europe and the humans are about to throw this all out assault on them from all directions of Europe. A crowdedly military “marketing officer” is forced into combat, where he is killed in battle. However he wakes up to the day before. He realizes he is in a time loop where every time he dies, he wakes up in that very same day. Now he gets smarter with every death to find a way to stop this alien threat and teams up with a women who just might have had the same gift as he does.


The movie starts off catching you up to speed on how the alien war began. The European setting is a refreshing change from the usual American setting. At first that’s all the surprises end, everything seems strangely familiar, the mec suits, the invasion, familiarity is fine but for a movie that already looked generic, you might find yourself going, here we go again. But then something happens that surprises you and that is actor Tom Cruise. We all know and love him as the action star in such movies as “Mission Impossible” and “Top Gun”. We always assume his character will be confident and cock sure that is always ready for action. But in this he is the opposite of that. He is a propaganda officer and is called upon to join the war and fight, he refuses. Tom Cruise’s character, is a coward. Someone who has never seemed to fire a gun in his life, and would be certainly killed in battle. Which of course happens, and such starts the main plot of the story.

The time loop is always an interesting plot device. The film feels like a cross between “Groundhog Day” meets “Source Code” and also throw in a dose of “Halo” for good measure. It’s a wonderful blend of different styles and elements that come together quite nicely. Although not primarily a comedy, this many moments of wonderfully placed comedic areas and jokes that lighten the mood and inject the film with a good sense of fun. While it also maintains a more serious tone when it needs it, and also has a surprising large scope of battle. Cross breeding these different tones, we’ve seen numinous of times it doesn’t always work. The tone works brilliantly here. Which can attributed to the screenwriters and “Bourne Identity” director, Doug Limen.


The movie does have nice pacing in the story. There is enough time to get to know the characters before the action without spending so much on exposition and back story because these characters will progress through the film’s narrative. The characters are established but all the development occurs in all of the incredibly enthralling action sequences.

The action is very well done. The sequences are very well thought out and executed. Obviously Doug Limen knows his way around filming action and this is no different. However sometimes in the more close quarters sequences, the camera gets a bit too shaky from time to time. On the beach sequences, when there is some shaky cam, it is appropriate but when the environment is closed in it’s very jarring. But the movie doesn’t over do the shaky cam, just a few moments where it’s noticeable and doesn’t work.


There are a few gripes with the story. Not many but there a quite a number of story “conveniences ” and storytelling devices that feel a little cheap and lazy. It’s hard to go into detail with spoiling it for you guys, so I won’t. Some of these are explanations on why things in the movie are the way they are and some of them you’ll buy and some of them will feel a bit lazy. Nothing major but some minor gripes.

The last thing I want to touch on is Emily Blunt. She, like Tom Cruise, is terrific. She takes everything that made her badass in “Looper” and completely plays it up and is truly believable. A lot of women in action movies try to be badass but you never completely buy because it feels very forced. In this she is badass and you buy it. Her character is interesting to, she is not just a emotionless badass, she does have some depth to her too.


When the end credits, you would be leaving with a smile on your face. This is a movie that is a fun movie and delivers in everything it sets out to do. There are plenty more elements that are good in the movie that I didn’t even have time to mention in this review, like Bill Pullman for instance. The shame is since the movie was badly marketed I doubt the movie will make a splash at the box office and hopefully word of mouth will bring it some love at the box office or later on Blu-Ray.

Final Score



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