Breaking Bad Season Three (2010) “The Best Season So Far”


Breaking Bad” really stepped it up with its 2nd season giving us everything from the first season that we loved and just enhancing and expanding everything to give that season a level of quality that the first season didn’t quite reach. Continuing to binge on this show I arrived to the 3rd season. I was hoping this season would take a step even further. This season is even better than the last one. The story goes into many unexpected directions while maintaining the same tone that we’ve all come to love and expect, this feature nearly pitch perfect writing and well done acting it’ll be hard to top this season.

(This Review Contains Spoilers From Season 2)

Still battling cancer Walter White has been kicked out of his house and his wife is filing for a divorce. With his personal life spinning out of control, so is his professional one. Him and Jessie Pinkman have grown estranged from one another. Jessie is attending group therapy attempting to kick the drug addiction after the death of his recent girlfriend, Jessie is in a dark place. They will have to try to band together with Walt’s brother in law DEA agent closing in on him, Walt attempts to make a deal that could potentially make him and Jessie millions or could be their demise.


One of the things that “Breaking Bad” is known for is some tight and smartly written scripts. Well now in the 3rd season the series just gets better and better. There are far more subplots along with the main narrative driving the steam engine forward. Of course having many subplots can spell disaster for many TV shows. Many writers can’t juggle the different storylines and characters but for “Breaking Bad”. the writers navigate with ease.

At the beginning of the season Jessie and Walter are on separate paths. Jessie is still reeling from the death of his girlfriend from an overdose and is going rehab himself for drug addiction. Jessie’s story is the most compelling than it’s ever been. He is becomes a bit more reserved but more ruthless. His struggles with his family continues on, while he begins to separate himself and come into conflict with Walter. Aaron Paul once again shines as a brilliant actor and has grown a lot from the series beginnings.


Meanwhile Walter White is struggling with the departure of his wife who is demanding a divorce. Walter Jr. is acting out, and he is kicked out of his home. While trying to get out of the drug business, he is also trying to keep his family together. But if “Godfather” taught us anything you can never leave the business of crime. Walter is getting approached by someone new to him, a man who has considerable resources that could bring him a huge amount of riches far beyond his previous expectations. Bryan Cranston has much material to work this season and takes full advantage giving the character a far wider range of emotion and depth then he has previously had before. One moment he is fun loving dad the next moment a man who is full of rage and whose heart is ice cold. Both Jessie’s and Walter’s individual subplots are written to perfection.

These two plot threads keep moving and converge and intersect at various different places and not only that but reaches back from story in the first season and presents it in a new light. No matters whose story we are on, it is always interesting and addicting. Never once does it move into the territory of poor or never clearly though writing. The show, and the season, never doubts the viewer’s intelligence. The writer stepped up their game big but it’s not limited to just the main leads.


Walter’s DEA brother in law Hank Schrader comes into some big trouble. I don’t want to reveal what it is since it is a spoiler and pretty big storyline but it was surprising and a welcomed surprise. In the first season he was just a tough but admittedly goofy DEA agent. Now he has so much more depth to him that is far more interesting that he was towards the beginning. It’s safe to say that every actor has stepped up their game for this season and Dean Norris is no exception. Norris seems to embrace the extra challenge and hits a home run for his efforts.

Some newcomers include the mostly silent but very deadly twins. These guys are scary and creepy and far outshines Tuco’s ferocity and replace him as best villains in the series up to this point. Although it is hard to classify them as villains since the lines between good and bad, black or white is very much blurred in this show. They are out for blood and will kill anyone who get’s in their way without any remorse. Fantastic new additions to the show.

Giancarlo Esposito the other big newcomer to the show and settles in nicely as Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring. As the viewer you’re never quite sure if he is trust worthy and has a calm demeanor about him and seems sincere in his offer for White’s new job but you can tell underneath the surface that Gus will spell trouble for Walter and Jessie. Another memorable character addition to the show.


The season finale comes and once again you’ll immediately be grabbing the remote to turn on the next one in the thrilling episode that leaves everything hanging. When the final credits role you realize that this wasn’t just good television but television that classics are made out of. Easily the best of the series with writing and acting and story just taken to the next level, this is incredible.

Final Score



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