So with the super bowl, we can always count on some new trailers for some summer blockbusters and we finally got to see our first look at the brand new Transformers movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” Once again directed by Michael Bay, many things about the film are still unknown at this time, including what the direction of the story is. Although only clocking in at 33 seconds this does bring up more questions, show us some cool stuff, and still seems in the same tone as the previous ones in the series which could be a good thing or bad thing.

(Note- this article contains spoilers for previous “Transformers” films)

Like many people I do have problems with the sequels with the “Transformers” series, “Revenge of the Fallen” was a letdown. Which I attribute most of the blame on the writer’s strike for the poorly scripted film, leaving a bunch of conflicting ideas just stitched together and the over reliance on different robot action that you can’t tell apart from one another hurt it as well. “Dark of the Moon” was a step up but still not amazing. That being said I love the first “Transformers” and have an absolute blast watching that movie. I always hold out hope that the next entry will get back to that level of quality, so without much more delay let’s talk about this super bowl ad.


When this film was announced, that none of the original human characters would be returning and there would be some redesigns on the Transformers , I started hope that it wouldn’t a mid-series reboot, like, “Batman Forever” or “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”. Despite how I feel about the previous two entries, I did want the next movie to stay in the same world and universe as the ones they have already established. Maybe tone down the Bay Humor and frame some of the action better, but I do want the same universe. What the TV spot shows us this is very much the same place we’ve spent so much time in the first three, for better or worse, I’ll take it, minus some of the juvenile humor.

The next question that I had would Megatron return as the main villain? Let’s face it he has never got his proper due as a villain. The first one, he shows up at the end and is killed by Sam after a fierce showdown, which is fine it serve the purposes of the story but didn’t leave fans with a Megatron centered film. The second one, he was serving, The Fallen and in the third he was serving under Sentinel Prime and later turns on him and saves Optimus Prime at the final hour, only to be killed by Optimus right after that. He has never had his own spotlight. From a brief shot in the spot it looks like Megatron is back, as he slides and slices a car in half. However when pausing that shot, he does seem to have a little different design to look, a bit more brighter metallic silver, and bright circular center piece. So that brings another question could it be Galvatron? Granted it could be just a redesign, since the filmmakers expressed interest in doing that for this entry but then again bringing Megatron back from the dead has been done before, doing it again would be redundant so why not introduce Galvatron? Also I am nearly certain that it is Megatron near the beginning of the TV spot, transforming into a gun. A little nod to the original cartoon, if that is indeed Megatron or Galvatron.

Transformers Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

For those of you that don’t know Galvatron is here is the short version. Galvatron is Megatron. In the cartoon, Megatron and Optimus Prime engage in an all out no bars holding fight, resulting in Prime’s death, and Megatron is nearly killed as well. Discarded by Starscream, Megatron floats through space and is picked up by the gigantic planet sized (and planet eating) Transformer, Unicron. He resurrects Megatron as Galvatron, a Transformer with more power than Megatron ever had, and comes back and takes back the leadership of the decepticons by killing Starscream with no effort at all.

Now if Galvatron is indeed in it, then could Unicron be a part of it? There have been many rumors suggesting that perhaps he is the main villain of the story. Which, if he is, could support the introduction of Galvatron, if the filmmakers decide to follow the lore of the original cartoon. Some have speculated that the ship in the opening shot of the trailer is their version of Unicron. That might upset hardcore fans if it is but honestly (if) it is indeed (there are a lot of ifs here) Unicron is in this film and that was him, then that was a smart move by the filmmakers. What works in a cartoon won’t always work on the screen. Having a Unicron in its original form as a planet brings about many problems. One of which is, who is he going to fight? The answer is no one. All the action would take place on his body and would render his character useless. He’ll float around in space and just having a bunch of Transformers fighting on his body. What’s the point of having him if he really can’t do anything? Plus I don’t think having a giant Transformer, the size of a planet really fits into the realm of the universe that they set up previously. If that shot in the beginning of the trailer is him, then that’s a smart move. Keeping him that large would already dwarf the regular size Transformers significantly, and make him be able to real pose a threat and fight the Autobots and the new human characters. Would he be eating a planet? No, but I’m pretty sure at that size, he could level a city. The core elements of the character would still be intact, just simply scaled down for practical and story reasons and help bring Galvatron in. Again that shot could be nothing more than…a ship! This is just more speculation but it would be interesting if that was indeed Unicron.


The highlight of this trailer is without a doubt seeing for the first time on screen a shot of what is properly Grimlock, one of the dinobots! Seeing the fan favorite Grimlock stomping through the big screen, with Optimus Prime riding him with his sword drawn, absolutely one of the best and most badass shots in that ad, very excited for the dinobot(s).

The effects don’t look as good as in the previous ones but I believe that to be more of the fact they aren’t finished yet. People don’t realize that the special effects team are working on these effects for as long as they can and this sometimes be only a few weeks before the actual release of the film so I’m not worried about the effects, I’m sure once the film comes out the effects will look great as always.

I’m not a “Michael Bay hater” but one thing he cannot seem to do with his Transformers films is cast a good strong actress to headline his main female role. Meghan Fox, then the Victoria Secret’s Model, now steps in Nicola Peltz and granted I haven’t seen the film and will reverse my final judgment for the film’s release, but from what I heard and saw from this tv spot, she doesn’t seem much better than the previous actresses that have been in these films. There are plenty of good young and hot female actresses that can act out there, so why can’t he cast one of them, instead of the girl from “The Last Airbender?” Again from I can’t really judge her from one line of dialogue but those are my first impressions. Mark Walberg is a great addition to the cast and definatly an upgrade from Shia Lebouf .


All in all, this was an excellent tv spot that looks once again action packed and exciting. Once again the trailer has gotten me excited and interested in seeing the new entry, I hope this will be an upgrade from the previous two.


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