Super Bowl has come and gone and now, and while everyone else is covered with chips and beer, movie fans across the world are crowded around their computer screens catching the new trailers that are dropped for that event. One of those trailers is for the brand new “Amazing Spider-Man 2″, the follow up to Marc Webb’s reboot in 2012, “The Amazing Spider-Man”. I was really impressed with the first trailer but this one is even better! It is exciting, dramatic, and gives us more insight in the character of Electro.

(This article is on the three and a half minute long “enemies unite” trailer not the thirty second long super bowl spot.)

The first “Amazing Spider-Man” was a lot better than I previously thought. I was a little hesitate with them rebooting the series so soon but not among the haters that thought the first Spider-Man trilogy was sacred art and should never be quote on quote “messed with.” “Spider-Man 2″ is undeniably one of the best superhero films ever made but with over decades of comic book history, I was more than ready to see a new vision of this superhero. “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012) was a fantastic superhero movie, maybe not as good as “Spider-Man 2″ but better than “Spider-Man 3′ and a superior take on the web slinger’s origin story than Sami Rami’s “Spider-Man” (2002). But enough about the previous films let’s talk about this brand new trailer.


One of the things we quickly see in the new trailer, is how the character of Electro will be handled. From the previous trailer it seemed like Oscorp was creating all the villains to take down Spider-Man. This new trailer although shows that Electro comes from Oscorp, but his creation may have been more of an accident rather than Oscorp actually creating him. Which I know did rub some more hard core fans the wrong way. The filmmakers seem like they took the best of both worlds, using the Oscorp plot device and continue with that story line that was started with the previous film surrounding the shadowy company.

When Electro was announced as the villain, I was honestly a little disappointed at the announcement. I never thought he was a strong enough as a character to carry his major motion picture. However this trailer has really changed my mind. The character seems like an everyday “average Joe” person who really looks up to Spider-Man and just wishes to matter and be like his hero, that is before he gains his powers. That is a common characterization theme is used in television and film but it is something that is very relatable and creates a sympathetic yet effective antagonist.

This trailer also really makes him look like a badass. With the electronic heavy music and a guy whispering in the background (possible a theme from the score by Hans Zimmer) , Electro walks like a Zombie to Time Square making him seem even more horrific. Seeing this trailer honestly makes me wonder could this be the best Spider-Man villain yet. The action scenes with him looks incredible, the back story seems interesting, and looks like a chilling and very threatening villain. Jamie Fox has an incredible range here as the character, from calm, to incredible anger, to such quiet yet scary deliver of his lines. He has this great line in the trailer, “you wanted to be the hero now you’ve got to pay the price.” I know that I am writing as if I’ve seen the film and already know he is amazing. He could suck for all I know right now. However seeing within the context of the trailer, I have a strong feeling Jamie Fox will give a great performance.


Nothing really new on Rhino or Green Goblin. Mostly footage we’ve seen before, I have a feeling Rhino isn’t a big part of the story anyways, he’ll be more of a “hired muscle” type of villain, where he is paid to help fight Spider-Man and won’t have a big subplot, which I think is the best use of that character. Green Goblin (if that is indeed him) looks more like he’ll be a secondary villain showing up near the end of it, much like Two-Face did “The Dark Knight” (2008), except be set up for the third film, that will be released in 2016. Who is actually Goblin in this film has yet to be seen, whether it’ll be Harry Osborn(Dane DeHaan) or Norman Osborn is still a question. More than likely the filmmakers has gone the opposite way and used Harry first, against standard comic lore, but once again by the end of the film I think we’ll see the true Green Goblin be introduced, bringing about the villain for the 3rd movie played by Chris Cooper.

There is one last aspect of the trailer I want to talk about and it is of a brief shot, not even a second long, of Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) with his mask off screaming in what looks like utterly bitter agony. This could allure to more of the rumor that Gwen Stacy dies in this film. In the comic book, Green Goblin drops Gwen off a bridge, Spider-Man spins a web to try and save her but the force of the impact breaks her neck and causes her death. That shot in the trailer looks like someone really close to Peter dies. We already know they cut out Mary Jane’s introduction in the film, that was set to be played by Shailene Woodley , to stay focused on the relationship of Gwen and Peter. We know there was a big funnel scene that took 3 days to film, someone big and important is going to die, and I fully believe it’ll be Gwen Stacy. If not this is the biggest misdirection ever in a comic book movie, outside of the Mandarin twist in “Iron Man 3″ last year. This would also allow the story to continue to explore the themes that the first chapter set up of, secrets have a cost, broken promises, and responsibility. Who kills her will still be a question mark for now. Will it be Electro or Goblin? That has yet to be seen but I would put money on her dying in this film.


All in all I love this trailer. It gets me absolutely pumped up for the new entry that could very well rival Sam Rami’s “Spider-Man 2″, one of the best comic book films ever. It has great visuals, an interesting villain and loads of possibilities for an emotional finale, I cannot wait for this film.


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