The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Trailer Thoughts


“The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) Trailer Here!

Only a few days ago the first trailer for the newest Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) was released. Any film that has Martin Scorsese’s name attached to the project will immediately spark huge amounts of interest from me. This director is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, whatever his latest project is you pay attention. Even a film like, “Hugo” (2011) came out to huge critical praise and I thought for sure it would easily be Scorsese’s worst reviewed film ever, but boy was I wrong about that film.

With this film that I have been following for a long time, I watched the cast grow. With names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Jon Bernthal, Jon Favreau, Kyle Chandler, and Rob Reiner, this has got to be one of the greatest casts ever assembled. This is like “the avengers” of casts. With names like this you cannot ignore the movie at all.

The trailer itself is very interesting. It doesn’t reveal too much about the plot other than the fact it’s based around the life of New York Stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The plot details released by the studio are quoted as “A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.”

Right there you’ve already got me interested. I’m easily interested in anything that’s got a plot like this, and you know with Scorsese there will be more layers to the story. What’s surprising with this trailer is the film’s tone. When reading the plot description, I thought for sure this would be a slower moving, a very dark and serious movie. However, if the trailer is of any indication, the film is anything but that. Now obviously the film will indeed be serious and dark at times as with any Scorsese production, but the film actually looks pretty fast, stylish, and has got some hidden comedic undertones. The movie looks like if you mixed “Mad Men” with “Goodfellas” (1990), and “Catch me if you Can” (2002), together and you’d get something like this. This trailer isn’t anything like you’d expect it to be, and I can’t stop watching it because it is an excellent first trailer.


The acting looks excellent. Leonardo DiCaprio looks like he is going to turn in another Oscar worthy performance that would make two in the same year. The other one could be his performance in “The Great Gatsby” (2013) I would argue he is in the top 5 best in the business right now.

His character Jordan Belfort is a smart, eccentric, flamboyant womanizer, determined and cunning man. That’s the impression I get from the trailer. I will admit for full disclosure, I have not read nor am I familiar with the source material for which this is based off of. Whether or not this looks anything like the real life people depicted in the book, I couldn’t inform you. All I can tell or make assumptions on is based on what I am watching with the trailer. Something else interesting I noticed, there is a shot of DiCaprio talking directly into the camera. Could there be some breaking of the fourth wall? That would be some throw back to arguably Scorsese’s best film, “Goodfellas” (1990).

Matthew McConaughey’s role is very intriguing. He isn’t in a lot of it, but in the two scenes of the trailer he is in, he completely steals them. This is an actor that has had many ups and downs over the years (well mostly downs), but we know he can pull off great performances, “Lincoln Lawyer” (2011), “Amistad” (1997) and the recent film “Mudd” (2013) are all indications of that. In more recent years his career has been getting back on track and I have a feeling you’ll be seeing some Oscar buzz for him because of this film.


This short 2:13 minute long trailer is more than enough to get me very excited for the film. This has moved up from a movie that I was interested in to a movie that I am greatly anticipating. I can’t wait to see what this has in store for us.


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